Lens of Truth - Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Review

Lens of Truth writes "Next in line for our inFocus “Lens” is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. As ususal Ubisoft has spent tons of money and time promoting this title. With the return of Ezio and the addition of multiplayer to the series, Brotherhood was the odds on favorite to be the best installment thus far. Check out this inFocus to see if Ezio can bring pride back top the neam Auditore."

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RudeSole Devil2818d ago

I loved this one, my favorite in the series so far.

just_the_tip2818d ago

Na I disagree with the one person who disagreed with you... Who could that be I wonder.... Oh I know, he's a stupid idiot anyway...

donkeydoo2818d ago

Yep can't wait for Assassin's creed 4 baby

Shogun Master2818d ago

I could. This series is about to go the way of CoD and get a new title every year. Too many games in too little of time.

just_the_tip2818d ago

right, to may BIG games when all we need is just the tip...

Joe Bomb2818d ago

Def my favorite AC. I just wish it had Altier in it and not Ezio.

Quagmire2818d ago

Yea, Ive had enough of Ezio, i want them to bring back Altair again.

hackersdelight2818d ago

Multiplayer was a lot better then I expected in this game. I agree with the review, best in the series.

RudeSole Devil2818d ago

Yea I like MP but nothing to leave home over

Sea_Man2818d ago

Yeah hackersdelight!! Your absolutely right!

Sea_Man2818d ago

Yeah this was a great read!

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