See NGP in full HD action

The Sony Geniuses have the official video of the Next Generation Portable from Sony. Its crisp, clean and shows you many gameplay footage, especially Uncharted on the NGP! With its sleek design, this console is definitely going to take an impact on the market!

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Prcko2816d ago

graphic are phenomenal,can't w8 to grab one ngp epic device!

lil Titan2815d ago

is it just me or am i the only one working on a time machine to go forward in time to the release date?

Quagmire2815d ago

Beat ya to it, I already purchased the last Flux Capacitor for $36 Billion USD.

MVGeneral2815d ago

Is it just me, or does this look better than the wii's graphics?

lil Titan2815d ago

@Quagmire SO your the one who out bid me!!! guess ill hire the kid from Jumper to steal it from you.

HappyGaming2815d ago

Look at you guys fighting over a Flux Capacitor...
I just hired Hiro Nakamora as my personal assistant.
Teleportation, Time Travel as well as Time Freezing.

hay2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Hah, you're making time machines to get it but you didn't thought it would be easier, cheaper and faster to make the NGP yourselves!
If you had watched MacGuyver you would estimate that all it'd need paper clip, two silicon pencils, rotary engine rotor, satellite dish, old radio, vinyl disc(AC/DC works best since NGP seriously Rocks and the band name has voltage in it) and a little yeast for the screen.

MagicAccent2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Flux Capacitor? 36 Billion?
Hah! I just snuck in at Sony HQ and stole one of their units!

They've sent some men in suits and sunglasses after me... But I think I lost the-
Oh Shi--!

dasjhdb ,,,iregret nothinggghjk

JamieLeeC932815d ago

Haha that just reminded me of a certain Southpark episode.

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Blacktric2815d ago

Agreed. It looks great. BTW if your browser can't open the website for some reason, here's the video.

2v12814d ago

N=Nintendo G=Got P=Pwnd

egidem2815d ago

It's everything a hard core gamer could want!

SuicideShaun2815d ago

You do know that the parts that are shot with the camera didn't have the actual device running right? The games are just videos that they panned in.

Beahmscream2815d ago

Looks like somewhere in between PS2 and PS3.

emekcrash2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Yeah, I found that the original PSPs graphics inbetween PS1s and PS2s. Now this is a big jump.

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klado2815d ago

A suden change of heart eh kon? hope samus and the other kid Eagle, give pros where it is needed.

theonlylolking2815d ago

I agree. Its like kon changes sides on different days.

HappyGaming2815d ago

No he was just on his period...

ABizzel12815d ago

I want to soooooo bad, but first I need to see the price, the price of games, and what's available at launch.

Projekt7tuning2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

It looks good. I hope to be able to get it on launch as well. I just hope its not egregiously expensive, or I may have to wait a bit. It may be hard to justify to the wife these days lol. Is there an official launch price for the U.S. yet?

GodofSackboy2815d ago

I don't get you Kon...sometimes u like Sony, sometimes you hate them...hmm explain

Kon2815d ago

I don't hate Sony, don't get me wrong.

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TANUKI2815d ago

Yea, I'm going to go pre-order it this week.

Btw, do you guys know the name of the song, used for the video? Thanks in advancce!

mushroomwig2815d ago

It's looking like the song may have been made just for that trailer. I've been looking everywhere for the song, I even Googled some of the lyrics and I can't find anything.

TANUKI2815d ago

I've been googling the lyrics too... I asked around on youtube, no one knows either.

Thanks for the reply though.

SSKILLZ2815d ago

i tried it with my shazam app and it went ape-shit,


TANUKI2815d ago

Thanks very much... but I'm hoping to find the full version.

GooZe2815d ago

so there not ps3 quality games.
still sick tho

warrior99882815d ago

its just the begining things will be much better later like PS3

& how it started

MisterAV2815d ago

uncharted it's the same as the first on the PS3. Even the level is the same....

C0MPUT3R2815d ago

NO it's a brand new Uncharted developed by SONY Bend, and supervised by Naughty Dog.

Crystallis2815d ago

Not yet anyway. Give devs time and you'll see some amazing stuff.

thedarkvault2815d ago

All these games are lacking depth of field blur, granted some don't need it, but in shooters it adds a lot of photorealism and has been around since the first 360/ps3 games. Something was bugging me about this footage before when they touted NGP being "as powerful as the ps3" and I think that this lack of DOF blur is to me the most noticeable difference that makes these graphics sub-ps3. I still think this thing is gonna rock and it is still more capable than any portable device, though hopefully DOF blur is eventually a reality on the device.

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