3 Changes Final Fantasy 13-2 Desperately Needs to Make From its Prequel

GP blogger, SkyGear75 writes, "Let’s cut right to the chase shall we? Final Fantasy XIII was supposed to be one of the most anticipated role playing games released last year by Square-Enix, but failed miserably to live up to its legacy. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but as a fan of the franchise, Final Fantasy XIII delivered one too many disappointments. Overall, it may have been a decent game, and certainly not the worst that anyone has played, but it just didn’t meet the expectations one would hold for a “Final Fantasy” title. Well, now that the sequel is official, we can all hope for a better game right? Here are the 3 elements that need to be improved in order for 13-2 to redeem itself as a worthy “Final Fantasy” game...."

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Kamikaze1353792d ago

- Give us places to explore and much bigger maps
- side quests
- a more interactive battle system

The first game was good, but with those changes^^ I'd start looking forward to this game.

BiggCMan3792d ago

Your first point: When you land on Gran Pulse, the game dramatically changes. It becomes open for you to explore as much as you want, and it is a huge planet. There are many areas to go to on Pulse, if you are willing to find them.

Your second point: Again, once on Gran Pulse, there are loads of so called "side missions". They take the form of Cieth Stones, and are very fun, and abundant in the game. They get quite hard once you get to the last few.

Your third point: This is personal preference more than anything, but I loved the battle system in XIII. I loved that you could chain attacks together, and how quick everything moved. It didn't feel like a game of "I slap you, you slap me" if you will. It was a cross between turn-based and real time, and I believe it was a great system.

My opinions on the trailer for XIII-2 are that it was too brief to judge. It was basically just a trailer to tell you its coming, and I am looking forward to seeing more of it. I am however highly anticipating Versus XIII, I think that game looks fantastic.

theonlylolking3792d ago

True dat. There are a whole lot of side missions but people dont know that.

grailly3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

when you get to gran pulse the game opens up and lets you explore, but unlike other FFs it won't let you go back to all the previous places you visited, and pulse is still quite limited imo. There are a lot of side mission, it is true, but then I would request a bigger variety of side quests and I want them placed throughout the game not all hunting missions 4 hours before the game ends.

As for XIII's battle system, I found it very fun to learn, but once understood (which comes up quite early on in the game) there isn't much left to it, it nearly doesn't demand any strategy other than "who shall I attack first?".

The biggest things I want in XIII-2 would be a proper leveling system, the cristyrium(is that right?) was pretty and all, but it didn't really give much choice on how you want your characters to evolve, this brings me to the second thing I want: stats, I don't want to be limited to only HP,MP,attack and magic, I at least want speed, magical and physical defense. Also more weapons would be nice.

Edited for writing mistakes

Kamikaze1353792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

1. I know about Gran Pulse, but they shouldn't make us wait till half way through the game (the last few chapters are that long), to explore. Also, Gran Pulse doesn't make up for the incredibly long hallway leading up to it. Also, Gran Pulse may be big, but doesn't offer much variety like other RPGs do in terms of exploration. You get a field and cave setting. That's it. No vehicles to ride on, no secret areas, nothing cool to collect, and no ultimate weapon to want to chase after.

2. Again, I know this and like I said, it takes too long to get to them. The side missions are just "go to point A and beat this monster" for the most part.

3. What I didn't like was not being able to directly control other characters. The A.I wasn't fascinating and most battles only boiled down to auto attack since enemies weren't much of a challenge besides a few on Gran Pulse. I want more strategy to battles and more control over my party.

We can't judge XIII-2 at all..that's obvious, of course.

Redempteur3792d ago

I agree exploration should have come sooner BUT

there is more than the field and cave.
second you have chocobo for means of transportation and it actually opens new areas ( you can't get to them without the chocobo)

the secret bosses are actually mission 50,51,52 .i assume you mean boss when you said weapon, but there is still UNIQUE weapons to craft ( overpowered ultimate weapon for each character) but it's kinda a grind .

i agree on POINT 2.

3. Ai is great and auto battles doesn't make you play well Auto battle fill all parts of the juage whensometimes you only need one and after a different set of moves in order to beat the monster quickly .
As for the AI it does it's job ..( as long as you scan your monster first )

Aarix3792d ago

Yea pretty pathetic when you expect more out a sequel when you haven't even beat the first game.

AssassinHD3792d ago

The key words are "when you land on Gran Pulse". You should not have to spend 25 hours fighting in a hallway just to get to the point where the game becomes fun. A game should be fun from the beginning, and if not the beginning then certainly not 25 hours later.

mindedone3792d ago

I'm surprised people are trying to defend FFXIII's lack of exploration. Listen, I put enough time into the game to platinum it, MindedOne, so you're more than welcome to try me on it, but there was nothing to explore. There was nothing to do besides run from monster to monster killing one after another. There was no one to meet, people to cause reason to be invested in the world you were to save.

nickjkl3790d ago

how did i get a disagree for posting pictures of maps of 3 different final fantasys without stating what im trying to prove

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Pozzle3792d ago


Just make the game fun to play.

My main problem with FFXIII was that it had a bunch of good ideas...but just wasn't fun. It felt like a chore more than a game.

Godmars2903792d ago

I was hoping for Panzer dragoon-like shooting segments, given that almost every cutscene featured flying, but the one thing that the trailer tells me is that such wont be the sub-focus of XIII-2.

Its going to be Lightning's feathered butt :p

Burning_Finger3792d ago

+Male lead character.
+Better Story Line

Raendom3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Little did you know, Lightning is actually a male. Look closely in the nude scene in FFXIII-2, Snow looks disturbed instead of aroused.

Warprincess1163792d ago

Typical male ego. All you want is guys to be in control of everything. There is nothing wrong with having a female lead.

BiggCMan3792d ago

I agree Warprincess. I think what Burning Finger said is ridiculous. I wish females were the lead in more video games, because they make for great experiences. So many games these days have females, but only as a supporting role. This industry is dominated by the male figure, but it should be split between us. Females have all the rights that males do, so why doesn't it seem that way when it comes to making video games?

Godmars2903792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Sorry, though I agree I just can't take a comment regarding sexism seriously from someone who uses a Twilight character as an avatar. A muscled, bare chested one at that.

For me, it worse that I know its a Twilight character...

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