New Crysis 2 'Be Strong' trailer

XMNR: EA and Crytek have unleashed a new trailer for Crysis 2 with a voice over that vaguely reminds us of the opening to the old TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man.

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vandal GAB3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Wow now that was awesome this game is looking stunning, looks like killzone 3 maybe only wearing the graphics crown of consoles for a month. Here come the killzone 3 fan boys =)!

OneSneakyMofo3792d ago

Way to bring an unrelated game to the conversation, and first comment to boot!

Anyway, Crysis 2 looks good. I hope the story's a little better than the first though.

cakeisalie3792d ago

KZ3 will be wearing the graphics award when it comes to console. The overall graphics crown belongs to Crysis 1 on PC and Metro 2033. Maybe Crysis 2 will bring something new to the table if it hasnt been compromised.

ugabugaz3792d ago

Crysis 1 didn't really have a story in my opinion. It was more like a technical demonstration more than anything.

vandal GAB3792d ago

True I'm just getting sick of people writing this game off! Judging on the footage in this trailer its shaping up nicely!

Theonetheonly3792d ago


In NANOSUIT 2 voice**
*"my momma said whoop yo ass"*

Pixelated_Army3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I will be picking this up when it comes out next month and show Crytek some PS3 luv and let them know that we do support them and I suggest that other PS3 users do the same.

@Vandal GAB

The original feud was between Killzone and Halo if I'm not mistaken. But as we've seen in the last few years how Killzone has absolutely crushed Halo in terms of gameplay and graphics you have no other choice but to abandon Bungie--like they did the xbox--and choose a new contender to pit up against the beast that is Killzone and I don't blame you since Halo is practically done and COD is a joke especially in it's current form.

Sorry but your platform of choice has lost this battle and it's time you and the rest of the brethren accept this fact and just move on with your lives. OK?

Pixelated_Army3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

A nice little reminder of what's coming Feb 22!!!

Killzone 3 Justice trailer

High rez pics (are you f***ing kidding me?! KZ3 aint no joke son! lol)






KillerBBs3792d ago

I could make a trailer of all the lag and glitches from the DEMO... or is it a Beta or is it a Demo that plays like a Beta. maybe its a BEMO.

S_C3792d ago

Are You Serious,You PS3 Fanboys Have Been Bringing Your Love Child Aka Killzone 3 Into Every Crysis To Article For Weeks.

Chug3792d ago

Game looks pretty good and all but what's with all the confused 360 fanboys bragging about multi-platform games lately?

You guys realize this is on PS3 as well, right?

baodeus3792d ago

Looks really good, i actually had some fun in the multiplayer demo, but regardless, never like FPS much.

@Pixelated Army

"The original feud was between Killzone and Halo if I'm not mistaken. But as we've seen in the last few years how Killzone has absolutely crushed Halo in terms of gameplay and graphics you have no other choice but to abandon Bungie"

1. Halo 3 beat KZ2 score average
2. Halo 3 out sold KZ2 by a lot, and i do mean a lot.
3. Halo 3 also have long leg (selling over a long time, it was still on the 25 top selling list in the world, when KZ2 already off the chart)
4. Halo 3 also have tones of people playing online consistently and for a long time, what happen to KZ2?

I don't know about you, but it doesn't support any of your claim about KZ2 crushed halo in anyways. Can you help me understand because i can't seem to see any merit in your claim. Now if you say that is just your opinion, then that would be ok.

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Hazmat133792d ago

no need to bring that up. both games are fantastic and fun. dont be a fanboy and just enjoy gaming dont campare it.

bluwulf3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


don't u guys get sick of having high hopes for multiplats that you think will silence the killzone fanboys? Then you find out, as always, you were mislead? The console versions always under perform compared to Kz/Uncharted. This happens every year, figured the 360 audience would wise up by now, considering the only place that ever shows awesome graphics for the 360, is on youtube & is available for the PS3 as well.

It doesn't seem counter intuitive that the best engines for the 360, are multiple platform ones? And none ever hit the mark, as they haven't in the past as entire packages. Its always like you have to combine multiple-multiplat engines to do what Kz2 does. Scale/Visuals/Post/Online etc..

Whats it been?

Alan Wake
Halo Reach.
Bioshock 2
Splinter Cell
Assassins Creed
Too Human

KillerBBs3792d ago

no matter what you do... Just the same with crazy bums on the street. No matter what you do... show them a better life... get them clean off of drugs... They still go back to the streets because that's all they know... kinda like fan boys.

bluwulf3792d ago

Well, its easy to disregard FB's, but not so much actual tech & performance. It could easily be done the same way KZ2/3/Uncharted2/3 /MLB or GT5 does it. With actual gameplay thats then scrutinized by folks like Digital Foundry, who go over the details of the games engines. Same way multiplatform games are shown to run better on the 360. Its really simple. And no, not the excuse of art design, but actual engine performance. Nothing ever comes from the 360's side of the table that performs on par with Uncharted2 or Killzone2.

The ability is surely there, but its not going to come from a multiplatform developer stretching their resources as it is, or exclusive devs who are forced to meet a deadline rather than quality control.

baodeus3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


Then enlighten us w/ the technical aspect of those game u just mention, and i do mean everything in technical term and how it works. Then compare that to the tech on x360 games or multiplatform games to see how they match up or not matching up to PS3 exclusives. It is quite simple right, or are you guys just keep up with the same BS: "nothing beat KZ2,UC3, for like that past 2 years or something, and yet, no explanation what so ever on the matter. I swear, either there is only one person with massive mutliple account, or are all of you FB are programmed to think in the same way?

KillerBBs, exactly. You just can't get it through FB. They are programed to praise their console of choice, while bashing everything else. They are not capable of thinking on their own.

bluwulf3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


Theres a reason people don't mention Crysis2 vs Halo, Gears3, alan wake, Halo etc. You can put up blinders to this, but I really don't have to. The PS3's exclusive games are the bar for gaming tech & visuals. Is the "graphics king" term used by Gears way back when some sort of scientific find that M.I.T ran when everyone was using it? The first post here is about how KZ3 wont be wearing the graphics crown after this multiplat comes out. Its the same story every year.

Example of articles i was speaking of with direct quote highlighting PS3 advantages.

"That said, achieving 4x MSAA with frame-rates and details as high as this is indeed a technical achievement unmatched by any of Polyphony's competitors (Forza 3 is 720p with 2x MSAA, for example), and there is a definite feeling that Kazunori Yamauchi's team likes to push boundaries like this."

"God of War III is using an implementation of morphological anti-aliasing, carried out by the SPUs. This achieves superior edge-smoothing, and is another example of how offloading tasks typically done on the graphics chip can result in both performance and quality increases. "

You can find most of these done for most games, Which are all very lengthy reads, GT5's is directly compared to relative software. They do these for most games, unfortunately for the 360, most of its games are done using the unreal engine, and is already at a disadvantage right there since its so out-dated. GoW3 is one of the most advanced gaming engines out with no rivals in the console world, that was a bad choice to list.

People say nothing beats KZ2, because nothing beats its engine/lighting/models/scale/p ost processing/32pl online. Just as nothing beats UC2's above, and stream loads. Just as nothing beats GoW3's above lighting/scale/streamloading. There are no 360 games that run 256 players in a game like mag, or levels of physics/customization/ of LBP. Luckily, there are articles that back this up, else you'd just claim PS3 fans are delusional in saying nothing rivals Little Big Planet on the 360, as well as GT5's 16 player/weather/detail & Killzone2.

Saying BS for the sake of BS doesn't detract from technical performance facts being facts. You choose to ignore technical explanations that are freely available to you, and decide that Alan Wake running subhd with low res in-game models means that it performs better than PS3 tech on your own. Because there sure as hell isn't anyone technical claiming this.

baodeus3792d ago


Yes, PD do push some boundaries, but not without cost. No AA (QAA at non native 1080P), and fluctuate in frame rate and poor textures (environment, cars, particles, shadow, etc......). So What is the point of pushing HD (not native 1080p) while everything else suffer? How does it prove that PS3 is powerful? If you look at other games like Forza 3 for example. True that it only ran at 720p w/ 2msaa, but it didn't have to sacrifice everything else (environment, textures, framrate, etc....Perhaps they want to focus on making it a very well rounded game and smooth gameplay, instead of pushing certain aspect of the game and sacrifice quite a bit just for it.

MLAA, is used because well it can't do MSAA as well as HDR lighting at the same time (that is like the choke point for both x360 and ps3). Tell me, what is the advantage of MLAA over traditional MSAA and why computer doesn't go for MLAA instead? And why don't they used it for every PS3 game out there including let say GT5, etc...? Beside Kratos, how are the texture on everyone else, and what is with the flat ground textures. It doesn't ran consistently at 60fps either. And what is the difference between playing on a giant moving stage vs. a huge environment w/ giants in it? I do give them for a very smooth transition between QTE and in game play. Best i have seen, but Alan wake also does it as well, given it ran at subhd but they sure make up for it w/ 4msaa. Perhaps they want to push on environmental effects instead and it fit well w/ their goal.

do you know what lighting they used for KZ2 and how is that different from other lighting on other consoles like x360 for example (halo reach use both deffered and hdr lighting). Why do consoles have to used this lighting instead of forward lighting like the PC? You can't be serious about the scale (the game ran in small stricted corridor and linear. What scale?). KZ2 also suffer from crappy texture and n64 shaped (don't believe me, just go check out kZ2 vid on youtube and look closely on everything, not just the gun model). What about teh engine that make it superior to others? I do like their particles and great used of deffered lighting, but it isn't anything revolutionary.

If only exclusive on ps3 pushing boundaries, then should UC2 not pushing anything because it use multiplatform engine. They didn't use a propriatary engine to maximize PS3 right, based entirely on what you guys claim.

Yeah, you can listen to them talking about technical aspect of the game all day, but you yourself have to evaluate that as well. Are we in the habit of just listen to what ever developers say, but don't really analyze it in detail. And i thought you guys don't like Eurogamer, lens of lies, etc... or was it only when they say something good about PS3?

Both consoles have to suffer one way or another so i see them as quite equal. PC doesn't have too though, but it would be useless to compare console to PC.

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vandal GAB3792d ago


I own an xbox & PS3 (my psn is vandal-gab) I respect both systems, I just don't like the killzone series and halo has been a let down since combat evolved.I will buy crysis 2 on ps3 if its better than the xbox version.

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ugabugaz3792d ago

Ummm HOLY SHIT! I never knew the game looked this good. Those MP Trailers didn't do it ANY justice. I might just have to get this game after all.

Tinasumsum3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Single player is a lot different from the multi player beta. I seen this played at PAX on the 360 where they had both the PC version and the 360 version in koisks. The single player on the 360 blows the 360 multi player beta away.

pr0digyZA3792d ago

I wonder if it's to do with the two different teams.

Inside_out3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Nothing but PC footage and running on a PC that ONLY Crytek can afford. It looks like the console versions are not worth using in the promo's.

I've played the demo-multi-player beta. It's good and holds up against anything on consoles tho I wouldn't say it's better. That trailer was almost CGI quality like in places...maybe it was but Crytek claims everything is in real time sooo...

If the game fails on consoles...Crytek will never live it body can use the worlds best CPU/GPU and talk about graphics.

vandal GAB3792d ago

Pc footage Set close to Console settings!

guigsy3792d ago

Aren't we forgetting that gameplay is the most important thing here? The MP demo is as fun as hell.

Theonetheonly3792d ago

EIther way dude.

whay to think posistive! 2 points for perseverence.

most people didnt believe crytek when they released screenshots for crysis 1, in that sense they blew away any expectations.
for that reason i would just wait and see.

crytek has a way of showing only a little then
totally blowing your mind!!!!!

keep in mind the card i played crysis on was a 7800 gs co

meaning much slower than a 7800gt and plugged into an old AGP Port
and it ran fine at the resolutions most ps3 games are realeased today. 1280x720

dont sweat it, ittle all be ok so long as you bring your inhaler

hoops3792d ago

Oh man my two 5970's will love this game!

Inzo3792d ago

I will wait for rental and every one comparing this to KZ3 and saying that it is better, which it wont be, just remember us PS3 gamers will be able to play Crysis2 and KZ3, crysis2 and Resistance 3, crysis2 and Infamous2, crysis2 and LBP2, crysis2 and U3, crysis2 and Motor Storm: Ap and PC fanboys will be playing Crysis2 and...........well, I guess thats it.

awiseman3792d ago

u listed crysis 3 times ps3 fanboy

pr0digyZA3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I'm a PC fanboy and I can also play those games, so can many of the PC guys who also own a PS3, which I think is majority.

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