Rely on Horror Review: Dead Space 2, one of the best games in the genre

Awoken in a hospital with no idea of why he’s there, Isaac finds himself in another horrifying scenario. It’s been three years since the USG Ishimura incident, taking place in a huge mining vessel that served as a deathbed to Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole. The same Nicole who is now haunting Isaac, and messing with his already shattered mind, thanks to the Marker. The same alien artifact that was the catalyst for the initial Necromorph infestation. Isaac is now experienced, though, he’s been in this type of situation before, he’s fought these enemies, but what he isn’t ready for is that which is enclosed in his own mind. This is Dead Space 2.

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Venox20083795d ago

again.... it's an third person shooter with horror elements, not a survival horror :)

JBoc9733795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Why do people have a hard time understanding what survival horror is. If you put it that way then all horror classics are "third person shooters with horror elements".