Marvel vs Capcom 3 review - 90% in GamesMaster

GamesMaster has printed one of the world's first Marvel vs. Capcom review write-ups, and according to the mag, the franchise has returned fighting fit after ten long absent years.

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Rampaged Death3793d ago

Can't wait to be taken for a ride next week !

Rampaged Death3793d ago

I totally got ahead of myself. I mean two weeks

Myst3793d ago

Ah okay, just making sure some place isn't selling it early lol. I was about to say I need to pull my pre-order and buy from them.

Stealth20k3793d ago

nintendo vs capcom next?

Snake-eater3793d ago

same gamemaster gave killzone 3 77%, hope it not like this everywhere

Michael-Jackson3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Edit: nevermind.

AGamerOfConsoles3793d ago

I can't wait for this. A must have any day imo. I wonder if it really is as addictive as they say.

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