Most video games demeaning of women, say studies

Two separate studies done by students from Jamia Millia Islamia have looked at the depiction of women and examined historical narratives and role playing in video games.

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awiseman3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

So is the whole of the society. Always has been always will be.

This article is based on a flawed study, like most studyes it is based on a small group and then treated as it is the entire industry.

And thats usually in those stupid Japaneese games...Crysis, Killzone and COD are high profile games in here in the US and of course they are ignored. Only certain genres do that.

Also this article will soon top the 500 degree mark...wonder why? check the screenshot and maybe u will get a hint...

Yes_23273d ago

Yeah ladies! Get over the fact that people will demean you and treat you like crap just because you're a woman! How dare you demand respect!


Yi-Long3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

... most commercials and sitcoms are 'demeaning' to men, who are often portrayed as complete imbeciles.

So what? Grow some fucking skin instead of taking it all personal.

GtShaddz3273d ago

I clicked the picture hoping for boobs.


DevastationEve3273d ago

Advertising. Sex appeal.

Games need it, movies need it. Business needs it.

However, I don't agree with the article putting emphasis on gaming. Many movies demean women just because of how they write the characters.

MTV (imho) should be viewed as the most demeaning, lol. Friggin reality shows!

gypsygib3273d ago

There's probably more strong female characters in videogames than any other visual entertainment media....

Back in the 80s and 90s do you think film or TV had action star leads that were female like Super Metroid or Tomb Raider? Nope.

wedgie3273d ago

I agree. There are obviously a ton of sex symbols in gaming, just like in other media, but at the same time I can think of female characters that represent strong individuals and all around good characters.

Off the top of my head, Elena from Uncharted, the girl from Gears (have not played in a while, forgot her name), Jill Valentine, Alyx Vance, Samus, etc.

Very well-portrayed and not stereotyped girls in my opinion.

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Optical_Matrix3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Yes and no. Although a lot of videogames objectify women, they empower them as well. Look at Tomb Raider, Bayonetta, Perfect Dark, almost all fighting games...good lord the list could go on. They almost answer the tastes and expectations of both genders. Cater to the sexualized persona many men expect, however conform to the new 'strong' woman many of societies women idolize. So it's not as simple as "OH NOEZ TE3H Boo0bszzz, TEH SEX11ISSmzzZ'

Reibooi3273d ago

Yeah I was gonna say something similar.

I Mean any Disney princess sound be more offensive to women as they are always portrayed as the damsel in distress who needs to be saved and serves no purpose other then to be feminine and look pretty(With the exception of Mulan)

However you have these characters in games that are very beautiful often large chested buxom girls but they are also not weak little princess needing to be saved. They are showing off Female beauty as well as strength at the same time and I have no idea how that can be offensive.

For for me I would find a character like Princess Peach far more offensive to women then any character from DOA or Bayonetta or the like. Why? Because she is always the weak little princess getting kidnapped over and over and being saved by the hero.

jack_burt0n3273d ago

Damn it, whats so wrong with having a moustache jumping on some stuff, eating mushrooms, and saving a beautiful girl from an evil lizard once in a while.

Next thing you know, she will be power dressing and telling me plumbing aint making enough money.

Princess peach FTW
fighting game females FTW
Nariko FTW
Sackgirls FTW
etc etc

Saryk3273d ago

Video games in the last 10 years have gotten better for women. I think that all games, no matter who is the protagonist should be either male or female and all shapes, sizes and flavors. And the women shouldn’t be just some sex object in that role, even though all straight men see them that way (sorry ladies, its true), women should be able to enjoy these games.

However women demean themselves worse than any man could.

MasterChief36243273d ago

I'm a straight male and I do not see them as a "sex object". Sorry to burst your theory bubble.

EddyD3273d ago

I'm just gonna throw this out while its 50 degrees, i bet this gets to the top of N4G fairly rapidly, simply because of the image...

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