G4TV Feedback: Will The PlayStation NGP Be Worth It?

G4TV: "You'll find out in this edition of Feedback with Adam Sessler, Matt Keil, Leah Jackson (not Lea Thompson, we're working on getting her) and myself Kevin Kelly (and no, I'm not Stephen Johnson). We also talk about the latest news, Leah spouts off about Rift where she's been powering through the beta, and the Starcraft 2 beta mods Left 2 Die, Starjeweled, and everyone's favorite Aiur Chef."

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trounbyfire2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

here we go
over 60 million on your first handheld and because nintendo having owned the handheld market sold about double Sony shoud pack up and move out

did the I pad sell 50 million yet they all love a big I POD TOUCH. it still gets hyped today

people disgust me a lot lf the time they think don't use logic

ok we microsoft got murdered by the ps2 and so did gamecube but the 360 and wii came out and are fine. who questioned the 360 NO ONE DID i bet abbie is glad the 360 was made

as for the name NGP STFU i remember every one making fun of natal then kinect came and we all hated it now NO ONE DARES about the name

Godmars2902818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

What about Kinect being code named natal for over a year with nothing being made of it? Or that the 3DS is like the 3rd or 4th iteration of the DS, and yet the 3DS is bringing something wholly new?

But how does that excuse that its just another DS?

trounbyfire2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

well they only said what the hell does natal mean they never took it this far like with NGP


com on it works because its on a tiny screen. and they put them in everything now and there were ones be for nintendo

ABizzel12818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

To be fair the 3DS is an evolution over it's predecessors, but it would be the 5th DS. DS (fate), DS lite, DSi, DSiXL, then 3DS.

ABizzel12818d ago

You can read my blog on the 3DS. I thought it was wrong for Nintendo to put DS in the name and use that design. I can see why they did it, because the DS was such a a huge success, but at the same time parents are going to look at the name and design say you already have this.

It was not a good decision, but that doesn't mean it's not a new piece of hardware.

lil Titan2818d ago

why is this question being asked? didnt hear them do this to 3DS. its always Sony i swear, will Sony win? Sony losing the race, Sony this Sony that G4TV subscribe to Sony News smh

trounbyfire2818d ago

man i swear to god if another person says i don't want to play consoles games on the handheld i am going to explode

PS SUITE makes developing games easy for small studios and once they are certified by sony they can work on NGP or any PS enabled phone.

angry birds 2 will be on NGp and all the other stupid games that are not console games

DelbertGrady2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

i don't want to play consoles games on the handheld i don't want to play consoles games on the handheld i don't want to play consoles games on the handheld i don't want to play consoles games on the handheld i don't want to play consoles games on the handheld i don't want to play consoles games on the handheld...Is he gone?

klado2818d ago

Then guess you aint playing all the rehash the 3DS is getting mate?

BTW GUYS...stop being trolled by this site, they are well know for their BIAS toward sony brand...

G4FAGS. Lawl.

ABizzel12818d ago

I think they were unjustly opinionated on the NGP. It was only an announcement of the device, and it won't be out until the end of the year. From what they've shown I'm impressed, and yes I have worries, but we'll just have to wait until E3.

Spitfire_Riggz2818d ago

Seriously making fun of a codename? How childish can you get. That is not a con of a system thats worth talking about for more than 10 minutes.


At 27:40 they start to talk about NGP.

TBM2818d ago

in a word YES that's all i have to say on this matter.

pain777pas2818d ago

They hate admitting that they were wrong. They stoned Sony for the price. 3DS was getting all the praise and press and thought that they knew what consumers wanted. They are hypocrites. Kinect was demoed a year before release as Natal. They never gave the code name flack and we don't know what we are going to get from this. They whine all day because they were wrong. Not only is Sony the overall best gaming company right now(yes I said it, it has nothing to do with sales) they have the best hardware for what we pay for. Value wise Sony cannot and has not been beat. PSN was not up to snuff at the beginning and the price was too high for the system. However, everything has changed. Now, Sony have the most robust and diverse set of QUALITY exclusives out there. Flower, Journey, LBP, Modnation racers, UC, Infamous, KZ2, R&C, Resistance... all found only on the PS3. We are excluding alot of other quality download titles like Pixel junk games, Wipeout, Warhawk etc... but you get the point. You will not find another version on another console and these sames devs will not just change hats tomorrow although admitedly Insomniac cannot keep doing what they have been doing and that is fine. They deserve to get some mega cash and that is cool. My point is that Sony Bend and Ready at Dawn are also quality. Zipper is quality. They exude this. Their future is secure if they have the right price point. Because, their tech is always ahead of the curve. Nintendo is always behind of late in tech. From N64 onwards. Graphically superior to the PS1 but no disc drive made it hard for some devs to realise their vision for the games they want to make. Plus the carts were too pricy. Software quality is there. That is why no matter the tech they will have a game that will be clever, intuitive and fun to play. New franchises? Not so much. Quality games. Definitely. They can hardly miss even if they tried. Now, MS had promise. I thought they were serious. From subscriptions to battery packs to proprietary HDs to unsupported disc mediums to letting go of Bungie and Bioware. How the mighty have fallen? Kinect is the future for MS because of the $150 they charge for it. Now the novelty has worn off and the only thing that they can do is release some tacked on functionality with the controller in your hand. All the games that will excel on this device have been made. Sports and dance. There are no real applications that you can use this for save menus. Voice recognition game? Maybe? They have lost me. They have Rare and they have done absolutely nothing since joining MS other than Kameo which is a great game. But that is there game and vision from before the MS partnership. Now they are avatar makers. Revolutionary, DKC and Conker series creators. Pathetic. Gears IP I don't think they own so they may not be able to milk that. Halo they will milk. Bungie are the creators though. Sony caters to me the tech loving guy and game player and always have. They stumbled but contrary to what some believe they have not been forgotten. Sony has found a Nintendo type position where they have to take games seriously. Nintendo lost Square a long time ago and had to adjust and tighten up. Sony has done the same with the loss of third party games. They are now in a position to dominate like no other.

M-Easy2818d ago

You were making great points then my eyes started to bleed. Learn to use the Enter Key.

pain777pas2818d ago

You are right. Once i got a thought I ramble like I am talking to someone. My bad. Better luck next time.

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strickers2818d ago

It's getting really boring.The press constantly go at Sony and seem to let MS/Nintendo get free passes.The 3DS is launching without it's online store.What would they say if Sony did that?
Everyone said 3D was pointless,then Ninty do it and it's the best thing ever and will enable new gameplay.
This looks like Sonys most complete machine and still they get a harder time than MS/Ninty or even Apple.
It's sad.

blackburn52818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Damn straight. They are giving the NGP more of a hard time then praising it. Why the 3rd degree? Why aren't people asking all these questions about the 3DS? What about the motion sickness and eyestrain people are claiming to feel? What about the fact that it is launching without online? What about the fact that it could harm a child's eyes or the fact that 70% of their line up are games from decades ago or that it is not true 3D that jumps out at you but just gives things depth? But no. The 3DS could bathe your face with lethal gamma rays and fanboys and the industry would just flip it off. They would probably just say 'just wear a lead face mask. You Nintendo haters are just trying to find problems'

Spitfire_Riggz2818d ago

They caught themselves in their own hypocrisy. After firing at sony for only putting ps3 ports on the NGP one guy was like wtf but you want legend of zelda ports?

Tilian2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I fucking refuse to watch this. Let me guess: Abbie Heppie is all "meh" about Sony again, right? Christ I hate her. Sony could solve world hunger and she'd deny it.

Sony has already proven themselves this gen--excellent hardware, excellent software lineup of games. What did they forget? Free blowjobs?

AtomicGerbil2818d ago

Is this bash Sony decade?

I swear if this was made by Apple or Nintendo it would have been praised by everyone and their dog.

MEGANE2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

What a bunch of Fanboys.... i use to like sessler until now.....At 35:24... "Does any one play psp one anymore!".... fuck u freak and your stupid show.
Asking stupid Q? if sony engineers where a bunch of monkeys!.... i hope NGP or PSP2 succeeds so you will regret you last two shows you fucking nerd!.
46 min of my life i will never get back!

klado2818d ago

That is why i read comment first after jumping to sites like these with a baiting tittle like that.

Spitfire_Riggz2818d ago

And then they are like why will the near feature work nobody is going to have the NGP. DUDE its a year from launch and your already saying its not gonna sell for shit??

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