Crysis 2 Trailer Reveals New Character?

Botchweed: "Earlier today we used saw the new Crysis 2 trailer for the first time, which featured a voice over from what appeared to be the creator of the nanosuit, along with a few frames of what we think to be his face."

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SnakeMustDie3794d ago

Has anyone confirmed who are we going to play as in Crysis 2? Is it Nomad or Psycho?

Pandamobile3794d ago

It's a new guy called Alcatraz.

redd0r3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

You'll play Alcatraz, they mentioned it a while back.

SnakeMustDie3794d ago

I guess I missed it. That sucks, I hope both of them are in Crysis 2.

EddyD3794d ago

I doubt they will be, otherwise i would imagine they were playable characters.

DoomeDx3794d ago

Prophet is in it

Hopefully prophet finally explains how he 'hacked' that alien gun, for human use. in the battlefield

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trounbyfire3794d ago

i don't get it whats the point of the trailer.

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