Bulletstorm Takes Aim At Call of Duty with Full Blown Parody, Duty Calls

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "People Can Fly and Epic Games have always been about fun, I mean look at Bulletstorm. Well they've taken that attitude one step further with the release of a Call of Duty parody game titled "Duty Calls"..."

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CrzyFooL3794d ago

Downloading now before Activision sues them.

greeneggsnsam3794d ago

Wouldn't this come under some fair use or parody law?

zootang3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Activision should just release a video in which COD players can't jump or run n gun.

RSPproductionz3794d ago

Here is another great parody of black ops [Paranormal Activity 3]

Christopher3794d ago

Activision can't sue them. Parodies are recognized as a type of fair use.

offwhiteazn3794d ago

it's free fr-fr-free free freeee so activision can't sue. o lawd

Elven63794d ago

The law doesn't work that way...just because something is free doesn't "free" it from any legal issues that may arise if any.

Not legal advice.

offwhiteazn3794d ago

have you ever heard of artists making mixtapes? where they slap on a beat from any song they want, do with it what they want, and release it for free? it happens all the time and this is the same thing

solidsnake2223794d ago

Haha, I love it! Activision must be thinking, "If only we could sue for this somehow..."

wwm0nkey3794d ago

Downloaded it, its pretty funny lol

Drjft3794d ago

What's the humor like?

Invadersims3794d ago

Downloading immediately. I wanna save this forever.

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The story is too old to be commented.