Killzone 3: 3x More Polygons Than Killzone 2

NowGamer: Guerrilla Games has revealed some stunning technical facts about upcoming shooter Killzone 3...

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TimmyShire3793d ago

I'm now more excited for this than ever before, but did anyone really expect any less?

Played the beta, it was schweeet!

SasanovaS19873793d ago

just yesterday i sat aside 65 bucks :> just for this baby. gonna get a couple of my friends to get it, gonna be RAPE online come 23rd

pangitkqb3793d ago

I"m stoked. Awesome to see Guerilla reach such heights of optimization. They truly are professionals.

The Meerkat3793d ago

Yeah, but does it do Parallax Scrolling?

Ju3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

^^ No it doesn't. ;)

Pixelated_Army3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Best year of the PS3 yet?

Corepred43793d ago

Does your PC, Xbox or Wii get the game at all? ; )

The Meerkat3792d ago

^^ Yeah, I'm getting the text adventure version for my 48k speccy

Zinc3792d ago

"^^ Yeah, I'm getting the text adventure version for my 48k speccy "

Dude, you too? I thought I was the only one.

Shepherd 2143792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

The title of this article is misleading and people are reading this wrong.

Killzone 3 doesnt have 3x more polygons used in the models, environments, etc. Everyone is thinking about it in the context of "Helghast soldier used to be made of 20,000, now he is made 60,000 polygons", but this isnt the case.

The studio means that they are generating more polygons at once(probably from the increase in draw-distance), meaning the game will probably have alot more going on at once.

Im sure KZ3 improved its raw graphics over KZ2, but not 3x like everyone thinks that this article is implying.

IcarusOne3792d ago

I won't be impressed until it balances my checkbook.

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Sevir043793d ago

and people say KZ2's graphics couldnt be topped. to have 3x more polygons than the beast KZ2 is is a feat in itself.

with refinement an better optimizations UC3 will be just as big a jump as UC2 was over UC:DF

PS3 exclusives simply cant be challenged

zootang3793d ago

I think people like to keep themselves relevant so they discard facts. Which (discarding facts) leads them to still be relevant in their own circles.

Roozium3793d ago

If we're talking about console games only, then maybe.

If we're talking about every platform available right now, PS3 exclusives has been outdone three years ago.

jack_burt0n3793d ago


You give fanboys a bad name, you wish there was any developer refining an engine on PC as guerilla does on the ps3.

Crytek have spent the last 3 years getting crysis working on 360 lol.

I love pc gaming but give credit where its due.

LightofDarkness3793d ago


They can't, and PC Gamers know that. They can try to optimize for popular hardware and optimize for Nvidia and ATI pipelines, but there's such a variety of hardware out there that it's impossible to pick one, optimize exclusively for that and risk excluding a large market.

But why are people disagreeing with Roozium? He's not wrong, Crysis does look better than anything else, and it was released nearly 4 years ago. People tend to forget that around here and it gets pretty annoying when the fanboys all remove their hearing aids and glasses and so they can enjoy pretend-time without distractions.

Sevir043793d ago

I'm talking about console gaming! Crysis on pc is beast and nothing trumps it. but again. i dont bring pc in a console topic because that isnt relevant to me. i dont game on a pc i game on consoles. and the facts state ps3 exclusive cant be challenged. And you are right the ps3 has been surpassed in tech 3 years ago, but 3 years later, the ps3 is still managing to put out games that Can theoretically challenge some of the best the pc has to offer with things only hi end pcs are capable of doing. deffered rendering, MLAA and to some extent CSAA. not bad for processor released 3 years ago with limited ram!

IcarusOne3793d ago

"and people say KZ2's graphics couldnt be topped"

I'm pretty sure the only people saying this were Sony fanboys... Most of us know that everything gets topped eventually.

Doletskaya3793d ago

So what does amount of polygons say about KZ3's gameplay? Absolutely nothing. Seriously, WTF is with this generation's gamers and their obsessions with these numbers about graphics?

A game can have like billions of billions of polygons, and I still wouldn't give a sh!t about it unless it has innovative and fun gameplay.

conswella3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"- Killzone 3 has a draw distance three times greater than Killzone 2
- It also generates three times the polygons of its predecessor"

The title of this misleading article lead me to believe there would be 3x amount of polygons in character, prop, and environment models.

Fallout 3 and similar games let you adjust the draw distance. In doing so, it increases the polygons being rendered in the distance. WooHoo.

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MNicholas3793d ago

But God of War 3 is still a contender.

Look at this off-screen image taken with a digital camera.

The picture has been stretched/zoomed more than 3x yet the detail level holds up.


Also see this God of War 3 capture at native res:

clrlite3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

God of War 3 is stunning and it looks even better on a good TV. I had been playing with RGB set to limited and it was still amazing. Now RGB Full is on and it's even more beautiful.
Stig said they were just learning how to do stuff on the PS3 when it was shipped.

From the vids I've seen so far KZ3 looks just as impressive and like a lot of fun. I will wait until I see the game in action on my TV before I compare it to GOW3.

DoomeDx3793d ago

Well, ive been in the killzone 3 beta(still play botzone every now and then), and its quite hard to find a low-reso texture..

KZ2 was full of them, KZ3 has NONE of them

3792d ago


you sir get bubbles


Shane Kim3792d ago

Gotta agree. GoW3 was simply beautiful.

Kleptic3792d ago


according to the tech videos on GT; Killzone 2 streamed in uncompressed texture data from the BD...but the system could be iffy for certain types of textures...mostly because of the use of quincunx AA in killzone 2...

so for example...the game had nearly untouchable ground texture detail...and many players didn't realize it until you actually stared at the ground for a while for whatever reason...but some wall textures or things wrapped around geometry could be pretty blurry...

GG claims killzone 3 removed that...the implementation of the newer MLAA process for the Cell allows the discrepancy to be much less overall...and further development of the texture streaming tech, with more procedural texturing as well...those 3 things are probably the biggest area of improvement for killzone 3 visually...

I haven't seen enough of killzone 3 in motion to know what kind of difference it makes (that was on purpose, still waiting for the 22nd) the game still appears to have a motion blur system still in place...but from screen captures, it does appear notably clearer...

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krouse933792d ago

I did the math and I think this means that Guerrilla Games could theoretically take the Killzone 2 game and run it at 1920 by 1080p in the Killzone 3 engine!

suckerpunch3792d ago

everyone kinda expect KZ 3 to look slightly better than KZ 2......but wow !...GG just outdone themselves by a huge margin, bravo bravo GG.

3X polygons.....simply sweet !

conswella3792d ago

i would like to point out that

"- Killzone 3 has a draw distance three times greater than Killzone 2
- It also generates three times the polygons of its predecessor"

Guess where the extra polygons are going?

SuperM3792d ago

When an object gets further away from the screen the engine will render less polygons. 3x the drawdistance does not equal 3x more polygons. I see thats the point you are trying to make but you are wrong.

LiquifiedArt3792d ago

I have a crysis and beat it multiple times on maxed out settings 1920x1200 and i can tell you that Crysis does not look as good as some of your people are saying.

The one thing that crysis lacks is Animation. Which is what every high-end ps3 exclusive has and excels in spades against ANY competition. There is nothing else comparable.

That is part of the visual "realism" of the environment. Crysis does look "life-life" because that is their art direction, but Killzone 2 was right up there in visual appeal.

I judge it on how my eyes feel when I play them and KZ2, grahpically, was very very good.

nycredude3792d ago

Yeah I totally agree with you. These pc fanboys are freaking delusional about Crysis. I play it on my laptop maxed out and while it looks great it is seriously not as good as everyone makes it out to be. if you look for them there are low res textures and try outputting it on a big screen tv it gets even less impressive.

Kleptic3792d ago

never bring that up in here....

discussions on a games visual prowess HAS to be about max resolution, max AA, and how great the screen grab looks...

discussions that go into finer details about motion capture, animation, how dynamic and realistic the lighting is, and the overall visual impact the game know...while in motion...are quickly ignored...

Don't even think about discussing AI or any subtle details like that...that is even worse, and is immediately dismissed...

Crysis was, and for the rest of this generation will be, the best screen shot creator available...the fact that when you see it in motion, and what happens when you watch enemies running around...or how dated the lighting is (the night/day cycles are great, but the sourcing is spotty when its not the sun...indoor sections for example)...or how quickly 5 random enemies will pin you down from a mile away because you stepped on a stick...and its clearly been outdone...

again...don't talk about that stuff...if they don't see where other titles have outclassed crysis in visual areas other than static grabs...they never will...

Joni-Ice3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

True story......I sold my car for his game. Ive been unemployed for a while now and money is low. So I sold my car. It sat for two years because it needed repair so since money was low and I missed a few games already because of it my car had to go. I got the $129.00 Helghast edition and a bus pass.

xstation793792d ago

You sold your car for this game? I'm sorry to hear that you are having money problems. I hope killzone is everything you want it to be and more.

Joni-Ice3792d ago

Other reasons too but you get the point.

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Feckles3793d ago

Not hard to believe with the quality of graphics in the recent trailers.

Best looking game on PS3? (until Uncharted 3 comes out?)

trounbyfire3793d ago

I thought KZ2 looked better than UC2
Uc2 was colorful and very pretty art style but graphics wise KZ2 was way better. I still see that damn bottle at the beginning of UC2 it has zero textures and blocky I just stare at it

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3793d ago

Yea UC2 has some nice visuals but KZ2 just barely trumps it.

fishd3793d ago

With all due respect...

Kratos shat on all of them from top of the Mount Olympus!

HeavenlySnipes3793d ago

You people are forgetting that the best looking game on the PS3 is GOW3

karl3793d ago

it truly is.... dont know why soo many miss that.

GOW3 was the best looking ps3 game..

i think K3 is going to surpass that.."overall"
but gow3 will keep the prize as best character models to me

DaTruth3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Popped in GOW3 3 weeks ago after a few months having not played it and I was blown away all over again! It was like seeing it again for the first time!

After a GOW3 playthrough, I popped in UC2; wasn't that blown away!

GOW3 graphics are just insane and the MLAA is brilliant! I also feel KZ2 is a better game graphically than Uncharted 2! But KZ2 graphics is more on a technical level, while UC2 is just a better looking game!

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Sevir043793d ago

Thats all arguable, that fact is PS3 games set the console benchmarks and are ONLY challenged and rivaled by other PS3 centric engines!

specialguest3793d ago

I thought UC2 was prettier to the eyes, but KZ2 with it's atmospheric effects and lighting on a techincal standpoint, was more impressive.

Holeran3793d ago

Seen them all and after playing KZ3 beta I can honestly say that it beats all the exclusives so far in my opinion. Looking at the Resistance 3 game play video today I can also say that my jaw dropped a little after having played both of the other Resistance games , I think they are trying to actually put pressure on the other exclusive developers now.

turgore3793d ago

god of war 3 looked really good but the artstyle is so last gen... it looked very similar to god of war 2 from the HD collection.

suckerpunch3792d ago

wait and far uncharted art direction is still same old shit. Killzone has a very unique gritty visual style, uncharted is very indiana jonesish.

Also....resistance art style is getting more and more seemed like insomiac loves orange so much.

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skyward3793d ago

3 times? Makes you wonder what they were doing on Killzone 2... always found the field of vision on KZ2 too narrow. Hope they've sorted that rather than adding bells and whistles

suckerpunch3792d ago

there's limitations.....if not in hardware then in talents, fundings and TIME ! GG now is a more mature and experienced ps3 developer than they were during KZ 2 development, considering it is pain in the ass to program for ps3 especially for 1st time developer. KZ 2 is the best looking console game whe it's released

trounbyfire3793d ago

OH boy i wonder what Ps3 exclusive will look like in a few years. KZ3 has the best graphics period not even UC3 will top it

see other comment to know why

RevXM3792d ago

In a few years there will be Ps4.
But ps3 games wont get uglier obviously.

Killzone 3 looks like porn and we didnt really need this jargon statement to realize that.
Though I love tech jargon, so bring some more. :>

Hit response system?
AI? physics? Lighting?

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