3rd Birthday boss: “I don’t believe survival horror is dying”

VG247: We spoke to director Hajime Tabata in Japan recently about Square’s latest stab at horror.

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Godmars2902813d ago

Why is this guy commenting on survival horror when his game isn't one?

Pozzle2813d ago

Parasite Eve (well, the second one) was a survival-horror-RPG...sort of a mix between Square's traditional RPGs and Resident Evil.

I don't know if some of those horror elements have remained in 3rd Birthday, but that's probably why he's commenting on survival horror.

Godmars2902813d ago

Parasite Eve *was* survival horror. 3rd Birthday is a shooter with a gimmick. Two: body switching and a hot chick in torn clothes.

Troll-without-Bridge2813d ago

Parasite eve as a franchise is survival horror. If you had bothered reading the article instead of jumping the bullet like an ignorant you'd know that he was speaking into bringing the main game to consoles, and the main games are survival horror.

That said T3B has SH elements in it, as well as RPG. Its not really a shooter since you can't aim manually and the hit damage is done through stats (ala rpg). you also have a new chip system which replaces the metochrondia, so you have a full parasite eve title.

Acquiescence2813d ago

a very sad state of affairs indeed. I'm hoping that Silent Hill: Downpour will go some way to remedy this; that title is looking something pretty darn special.

tigertron2813d ago

Survival horror exists under the Dead Space franchise now.

distorted_reality2813d ago

I wouldn't call DS2 survival horror at all tbh.

Pozzle2813d ago

If I recall correctly, at last year's E3 Tecmo hinted at the possibility of a new Fatal Frame game for PS3.

If they update a few minor issues (e.g. make the characters able to run faster, upgrade the graphics of the ghosts, have more detailed plots, etc) then they could have an amazing survival horror title on their hands.