PSP vs NGP: Games appeal!

For all of those who wish to compare with something the new NGP/PSP2, here is a video showcasing the games when the PSP was first announced in E3 2004 versus the games announced with the new NGP, in your personal taste, who do you think had a better WOW! factor when the games were first announced the PSP or the NGP, which handheld surprised you more the PSP or the NGP?

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ajcastillo3795d ago

To be honest i liked more the games announced with the PSP back in 2004, dont know why but the games announced with the NGP all seemed like ports! well its just my humble oppinion

_Q_3795d ago

I see what your saying but I'm optimistic about original games. I see it as more of a mobile version of PSN quality games. Im really hoping for more classic style RPGs and classic action adventure games. These types of games dont seem to have much of a place on the console market these days. Given how well the DS does with its touch controls I can see some devs now considering the NGP as another viable market to invest into.

remanutd553795d ago

cant freaking wait to play NGP games !!! i have a good PSN psp game library , good thing they said we will be able to play current DD psp games , and i hope Killzone and Resistance wont be part of the launch line up , just 1 of them not both

ajcastillo3795d ago

Yeah i dont think that Killzone and Resistance will be luanch titles, maybe one but not both, i think that Uncharted will be a launch title though!

remanutd553795d ago

from a first party perspective i want Uncharted , Wipeout , Little Deviants , Smart As , Broken , Gravity Daze , Little Big Planet and either Killzone or Resistance to be part of the launch line up , hope to see more titles from SCE at E3 , but im very impressed with the games already , sure it can get better , time will tell

SandWitch3788d ago

Wow, PSP was a real beast 7 years ago, even today its games looks good. And I can't wait to see what more PSP2 is delivering to gamers. As racing games lover I can't wait to see something like Gran Turismo 5, NFS: HP or Juiced 2 on PSP2

zero_cool3788d ago

Sony has differently set a foot print into the portable gaming market & gave them something to build on & beyond.