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I really enjoyed the new Mafia II, and I do not think the reviews made by other sites, and the Metacritic score of 75/100, is much too low from the point of view. I believe that we must consider many aspects of the game, and not that solution to run too many publications such as the fact that the game lasts only 10 hours, there seems little? I think not because we're used to a bit of time to the famous speech "DLC" that could lead to more hours than many other news: see "The betrayal of Jimmy" is "The Revenge of Jimmy." Then I said to myself after all this light-hearted, why not list all the songs in the game audio and video formats! Well of course all the original versions, and if available, with video artist then goes back to when the game is played, you might have a flash on some parts that you'll definitely hear some advertising, or in the movies. Then I had fun with YouTube by selecting all (or most) the songs of the game hoping to see you in a different game without thinking of voting and other things that are all the rage on the most popular network, now I'll leave that I got tired really, since I have selected more than 100 songs to listen to you, so if you want "Stura" ears and start listening to the game.

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