Conquer Online Expresses Prayers for Egypt

Conquer Online has just released an official news to express the community’s kind wishes for their players in Egypt. Since debut in 2003, the game has been showing growing popularity all around the world, including Arabic areas. It has attracted countless Egyptian players to join Conquer Online’s huge global fan community.

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captain-obvious3793d ago

its about time that guy is gone
well .... not yet but soon
Ive known alot of Egyptians and non of them said any good thing about him

i don't know how but he actually DID run several elections in his administration
and he always win somehow lol
even tho PPL don't want him

guess some one was cheating

PLASTICA-MAN3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

All the fuss is about Egypt and nothing is about Tunisia that started everything (and without it nothing will happen in all the world). It's almost forgotten. Don't worry egyptians won't be as quick as tunisians to reach such success ! ;)

knifefight3793d ago

I thought the evil dictator or whatever stoppd the internet in the country...? Guess I heard wrong. Well hey, good for them.