Music gaming is just about dead

The music genre has grown stale. No matter what Guitar Hero and Rock Band think of they will be going to way of the dinosaur.

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zerox5053789d ago

music gaming was always gay

schlanz3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

only when you have no friends + you are under 21

edit: but I agree with the article, the genre has grown stale.

Beatles Rock Band was the pinnacle of the music genre, it can only go downhill from there.

Spitfire_Riggz3789d ago

I was only into guitar hero 2 big time. Then it got boring and I cant believe how much money my friend throws down on plastic items and new games which only add songs

ATiElite3789d ago

OH Darn! I was hoping Lord of The Dance/ River Dance would come out for the Kinect.

Jezuz3789d ago

gay? how old are you?

fatstarr3789d ago

Meh dancing games are making a comeback because they are taking advantage of motion + the casual market.

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sickpup3789d ago

what they said is true but is not really backed up by any numbers to show the sales decline? Personally, I think if Guitar Hero should give up. Mad Catz should make cheaper instruments that are always compatible for the future or allow upgrading old instruments for a huge discount. Finally the game would be better if there was daily and weekly challenge like Halo. This keeps the game new and exciting. They also need to lower the cost of music if they want to sell more. The extra charge for pro versions is just stupid. Perhaps now that Rock Band is in new hands they might actually survey the people and figure out what they want next in a music game...but probably not because most game developers don't care.

clrlite3789d ago

I like that last thing you said. I think they should take a break as well, but they seem so disparate to exploit the novelty as much as possible RIGHT NOW. It's like farming a very productive acre of land over and over again desperately without giving it time to replenish itself, only to have it dry up and stop producing moneyfruitz.

clrlite3789d ago

Just because a genre isn't hugely popular like it used to be doesn't mean it is gone. The companies exploited the novelty and growing popularity to of the genre and it peaked. Because it is not new anymore, it is doubtful that it will peak again, unless there is something groundbreaking like an innovation of some sort.

Few more hours until the KZ3 Beta :DDDD

Dart893789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Do you know what time it's gonna b available?

@below thanx oh and good luck to all the people who gonna play to try to win the limited helghast edition.

clrlite3789d ago

I'm not sure what time you will be able to download the client. I have been trying to find out and checking PSN once in a while. I believe the Beta officials starts in the US @ 1 PM Eastern time 10 AM Western.

VenomProject3789d ago

A few hours?! What hour does it release on? o_O

clrlite3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

In the US, 1 PM Eastern time the BETA starts. I am not sure when you will be able to download the client, but I have been checking PSN periodically.
Sorry if "few more hours" was a bit misleading"
I hope the client can be downloaded before then so we can play botzone.

Don't forget, they are giving away 60 Limited Helghast Editions not available in stores.

dan_chan893789d ago

it's true i haven't even bothered to buy the last iterations. Maybe once it hits the bargain bin.

Octo13789d ago

I skipped RB3 due to it was more plastic peripherals and it was expensive. Buying RB3 would have meant missing out on a lot of games like LBP2,Dead Space 2,KZ3.

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