Aya Brea has big franchise potential, says Square Enix

3rd Birthday director Hajime Tabata believes the game's protagonist Aya Brea - previously seen in the Parasite Eve games - has what it takes to star in Square Enix's "next big franchise".

"Parasite Eve 2 finished the story for Parasite Eve, so we couldn't do a Parasite Eve 3," Tabata told VG247. "We really thought Aya was such an attractive protagonist, so we didn't want to just leave her alone. We wanted to resurrect her in hope to make an Aya Brea series our next big franchise."

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itsralf3793d ago

$E: milking good franchises dry

Rampaged Death3793d ago

I wouldn't call 3-4 games milking a franchise when we still have FF and COD still around.

itsralf3793d ago

FF is square enix...... my point still stands.

Troll-without-Bridge3793d ago

Its not a franchise if it doesnt have multiple titles.

Dont like it? Dont buy it.

Pozzle3793d ago

Technically it's a part of the Parasite Eve franchise.

Christopher3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

If they don't screw it up, sure. But this is SE we're talking about.


And, I don't get what Tabata said. Technically... isn't Aya dead with the ending of 3rd Birthday?

Godmars2903793d ago

And yet strangely enough this hasn't interested me in the least.

dabri53793d ago

If they made another PE game like the first one, I could grab it up in a heart beat. The action based 2nd one wasn't that good. This looks like more of the same.

Pozzle3793d ago

I kinda liked PE2 more than PE1. /embarassed

I was a big Resident Evil fan at the time though, so that might explain it.

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