Battlefield: Bad Company 2 gets another maintenance update

TechNoid writes: It's not a secret that Dice has had some issues maintaining the servers for Bad Company 2 and that these haven't always been steady. Luckily they're working as hard as they can to fix these issues and therefor EA has just announced another update for tomorrow. This will cause some downtime.

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Hellsvacancy3790d ago

GOOD! BC2 is fu<ked.....sum-times, constant stat resets, FOREVER "Updatin Stats"

A game as old as this should of been fixed a LONG time ago!

Still play it daily though

Rage_S903789d ago

yh it actually made me stop playing :(

kancerkid3789d ago

Just got lvl 36 yesterday. Been playing this game on and off since launch. Still love it.

Wenis3789d ago

Yea DICE is notorious for releasing games with tons of annoying bugs that take forever to get fixed

lil Titan3789d ago

release MORE maps or the BF3 beta

Jezuz3789d ago

yeah, recently it's been harder for me to join a room

Afreelunch3789d ago

This down time is supposed to be for fixing these issues. The slow stats certainly don't keep BC2 (especially vietnam) from being my favorite multiplayer shooter ever though. I love this game!

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ian723790d ago

I have had problems with my stats resetting when starting a new multi-player game, but after the first match they normally come up to date. However, this should not be happening and should have been fixed long ago. Apart from that little bug I have had no other trouble with BFBC2 online. At least I haven't had very bad lag like I had with BFBC1.

chasegarcia3790d ago

in the pc version I have to keep clicking on search for servers. very annoying!

zerox5053790d ago

this game was fun while it lasted, but unfortunatley i got bored of it now, still better then cod but i'm getting killzone 3, so goodbye bc2 :( however i hear battlefield 3 is coming out, looking forward to it

Kon3789d ago

The game is showing it's age... Need BF3 ASAP.

VenomProject3789d ago


I second that statement.

BC2 is fun, but I need some BF3!

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The story is too old to be commented.