Killzone 3 multiplayer beta gets an exact launch time

TechNoid writes: Tomorrow is the day, PlayStation 3 owners across the globe will finally be able to kick some Helghast butt in the all new Killzone 3 multiplayer beta. We know it's launching on the 3rd of february, but the exact time has recently been announced.

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Hellsvacancy2841d ago

Will i have to download it again? ive still got it from when i downloaded from the PS+ store, i can play against bots but not online, kinda assumin theyll just flick a switch and itll work

fl1pp132841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Yes, you have to download it again. An update on will follow soon..

SnakeMustDie2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

The new beta is basically a different code than the previous beta some of us got. It will include Move support and 3D and probably more optimized to run at 30fps constantly.

x8002841d ago

how long is the beta for?

zeksta2841d ago

Likely untill the game's release.

Also, This might be random, But is it me or do companies see "Beta" as a demo for most people?

Honestly, If it's a MP demo then state that, a beta is meant for test phases and reporting bugs/glitch and issues.

supremacy2841d ago

And maybe thats exactly what it is, a beta before the games release for potential release date patch/es and what not.

Rikuide_Furame2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

The beta runs until Feb 15th.

joydestroy2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

it will run until the 14th. so about a week before release

edit: yeah what Rikuide said

Rikuide_Furame2841d ago

Sorry I thought it was the 14th, but it's been extended until the 15th.

ddurand12840d ago

its always been the 15th

Tommykrem2841d ago

This good very is :) Forward I look for the beta to played be.
Seriously, is google translate ran by Yoda?

MidnytRain2841d ago

God, you totally butchered that. It'd be "Very good, this is." and "The beta, I look forward to playing."

Tommykrem2841d ago

No, actually Google translate would've gotten those two sentences completely right, so I was unfortunate with my choice of examples :( But I grow tired of Google translate texts after a while, even though it is pretty good.
Yoda is sort of beside the point here.

MidnytRain2841d ago

These are one of those times when I think, "Does Google realize that their translation system sucks? Are they even trying to do anything about it? Do they just say 'F**k it, it's good enough.'"?

Someone out there has to be thinking of a solution to this.

Tommykrem2836d ago

Yes, haha I wasn't arguing wether or not it has capabilities to improve! I love Google translate. It's the best online translator there is. Just pointing out that it doesn't work very well for this particular article.

joydestroy2841d ago

so 6AM est!? yes!
will set it up to download while i'm at work so it'll be waiting on me when i get home =)

Olvipoika2841d ago

multiplayer beta ends feb 15 if i remember correct ......

Pixel_Enemy2841d ago

But it was delayed a day so they might extend it to the 15th.

joydestroy2841d ago

you're right. apparently it was extended! yes!

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The story is too old to be commented.