No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise screens show Move controls

Suda 51 released new screenshots of No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise that show Move control support.

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KillerPwned4255d ago

Now give us a release date!!!!

Christopher4255d ago

The controls look just like Wii controls. Graphics could definitely be better with regards to the environments (models look fine, not great).

I will still play this just for the quirkiness to the characters and storyline, though. It's one of those games where we can criticize the graphics, but the gameplay is more than worth it.

Cajun Chicken4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Maybe I'll cosplay as Travis again this year, people might actually know who I am at MCM London.

On subject; Yes. I will undoubtedly be buying this again.

Venoxn4g4255d ago

one of the best this generation games :) (now create Suda 51 No more heroes 3 3DS!!!) :)

Cajun Chicken4255d ago

Whoa. Imagine NMH on NGP. Motion sensing and all.