A Visual Guide to February's Console Releases

With its lack of days, there's currently some talk out there about declassifying February as a month. But in terms of game releases, the short short February holds its won with its more well-endowed brothers.

Here's a a handy visual guide for console buyers that has been floating around the Japanese internet.

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Bathyj2868d ago

*Spits coffee*

WHAT ?!?

Kon2868d ago

Yeah, kind of surprising.

Bathyj2868d ago

Hey, I can understand Daylight savings to align the months up a bit better but you cant drop a whole month out of the year.

They're gonna screw up my calendar.

MoreRPG2868d ago

MVC3 and Killzone 2 will be day one for me this month
i think ill buy Bulletstorm next month

Bathyj2868d ago

I cant believe Bulletstorm comes out on the same day as Killzone.

I think its a ploy to sell more copies on Xbox.

MoreRPG2868d ago

yep great game BAD release date