I Am Alive Not a Download Title, Just a Joke

Looks like those hilarious French funny-men over at JeuxVideo were pulling our leg all along when they claimed Ubisoft’s disaster (as in event, not quality) game would not be getting a retail outing, favouring the digital distribution model instead.

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Pedantic913795d ago

So it's still coming out but now as a retail game ?

TruthSeeker3795d ago

Thank God! I was worried!

HappyGaming3795d ago

At Ubisoft meeting:
Dev 1: We should release I Am Alive as a Download title...
Dev 2: Great lets let our fans know than

Fans: Download only? I am not buying this game now.

Developers: Oh what... No, no, no, we were kidding * awkward suspicious laughing*

tdogchristy903795d ago

Yeah, I high hopes for this. So yes clarification would be nice.

FailOverHero3795d ago

Hardy ha ha! Stupid site. You'll never get hits from me ever again

Croash3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Eh, the joke wasn't even an article, it was just 1 minute of randomness found in a 24 minutes long video.
And it was pretty clear that this was a joke, the guy starts by saying he went to Canada to see his girlfriend = Jade.
Yeeaaaaahh.... :D

Hell, he even says that "Digital only release probably means the game sucks", who the hell would have thought he was being serious.

The joke in this = they pretended to have a World Exclusive announcement and they "owned GameTrailers big time" D:

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The story is too old to be commented.