Japan's Most Controversial Voice Actress Coming To Final Fantasy

Aya Hirano, who pissed off Japanese nerds with the admission of her social life, is coming to upcoming Final Fantasy game Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy​.

Hirano will be lending her vocal talents to the game, voicing the character Prishe. Hirano started out as a voice actress, but is crossing into the mainstream in a way that few voice actress have previously done in Japan. Not only is she appearing on network talkshows and programs, but she's also the "image character" for Denny's in Japan, appearing in promotions and on the menu.

What makes Hirano such a controversial figure is how she's thumbing her nose at idol conventions, such as being chaste and not having a love life — or even being a regular person as evident by the minor brouhaha that broke out when she began following a baseball pitcher.

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theonlylolking2818d ago

HAHA I wonder if she is purposefully trying to piss off her fans.

SnakeMustDie2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Or maybe she is starting to lose her popularity considering the numerous scandals she had like "I was abducted by a taxi driver" just to desperately get attention. Anyway, she is a Kojima level troll.

Redempteur2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

she still have a lot of fans .all she lost are the hardcore ( no-life fans that didn't really care as these incidents proved ).

EDIT : ahah funny

theonlylolking2818d ago

No one has no life. You choose what you do with your life and others choose there own. You are not the God of their life.

Newtype2818d ago



BigTwitchy2818d ago

IT is really sad how a girl can admit to having sex and end up losing most of her fans.

fossilfern2818d ago

Exactly, what do they expect her to be ? Some frigid 22 year old ?

Pozzle2818d ago

The sad thing is, it's usually a part of their contract. The women can't be seen dating men, discussing men in interviews, talking about marriage or relationships, or even be seen with friends. They are basically "manufactured" en masse to be a "fantasy girl". And they can't be seen doing "normal" things because it would ruin the fantasy for their male fans.

The same applies to male "idols" and their female fans.

There was a story I posted here a year ago about a Japanese voice actress who recieved harassment and death threats just because she was going to be the voice actress for a character her fans didn't like:

When the hardcore Japanese otaku get pissed, scary stuff happens. @[email protected]

karl2818d ago

im reading that.. sounds quite twisted

jrbeerman112818d ago

wow... thought we were bad in the US.

wife watches E television and makes me fearful for human race. Hell, most of the shit we argue about on this site is blown out of proportion and over-analyzing things.

But dam, i jumped on article expecting to see that she was a drunk driver or extorted money or something. She did nothing wrong lol.

Troll-without-Bridge2818d ago

Those fans are a bunch of losers, getting mad just because their idol has a life.

Big fucking deal.

The_Nameless_One2818d ago

Japanese have the best looking women in the world. Until they reach age 50 that is. Then it's like they have taken an ugly bitter hag pill.

jrbeerman112818d ago

same could be said for all women......sorry had to be done

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