Why do PSP Haters Want a PSP2?

Isn't the PSP2 just a glorified PSP? When was the last time you played on your PSP? Bet you can't even remember what dust ridden draw it's been kept in. Yet still you want a PSP 2? Casually Hardcore looks at the PSP2 and wondfers why PSP haters want the new machine.

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awiseman2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Cuz it has 2 analog stix... That was one my only issues with the original psp...

Although I still got 3 of them over its lifetime :P

Nitrowolf22910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Simple answer:
Its everything PSP wasn't
2 analog sticks
touch screen
high powered games
built in camera


the 3G part is an awesome addition, this is how portable gaming devices should be played now. It really gives people the ability to play where ever they want.

Biggest2910d ago

What is a draw and why is it ridden with dust? I wondfer why this person didn't proof-read his opinion piece. And for the record. . . People that own a PSP don't hate it. People like you, that see the NGP as PSP 1.5 are the haters. Stop being sad about Sony. They don't hate you.

jony_dols2910d ago

The only reason I don't play my PSP nymore,
is because I have a 6 year old phat, and its too fat and clunky to be seen playing it on public transport.

I quite like the Go though.

JLeVRT2910d ago

Sony literally gave us EVERYTHING we wanted and more!

What the hell is a digital compass!? (jk)

But seriously, just as long as they keep piracy out, and price it right... It could easily compete with the 3DS

mantisimo2910d ago

I never hated my psp but I did stop using it because I really need 2 analogues now I'm going to get them I will use the psp2 loads.

pain777pas2910d ago

The public even journalists don't hate Sony. There is a lot of people who know that Sony is the overall best company in the industry today. Now, before many go crazy... read. The thing is Sony's arrogance especially from Kaz saying that the next generation won't start until they say so was presumptuous. 360 had a better start and many 1st party developers. Now we all can see what MS is about... $$$$ only. They have no 1st party worth a damn and they are going to beat Halo from a coveted Bungie franchise into something less than the Mario or Zelda that it could have been. Had they let Bungie do something else and start something new who knows what Bungie would have done. Bungie Halo will be treasured always. Fable released twice already this gen. Not a good move. Fable should be treasured and after Fable 2 was such a good game you have to step back to make sure that there are fresh ideas implemented. Let the Lions make another game. They were making Halo and Fable back to back for 2 generations straight. They need a break. Look at Sony. Insomniac, ND and Sucker punch. All new IPs this gen and we cannot wait for the sequels. Some pine for more R&C, Jak and Sly but those devs are busy pationately making their best games in they respective new series. MM and LBP. Need we say more. Modnation racers is not getting the love in forums but people play that game like crazy and creation tools are the best I have ever used on a console (have not tried LBP2 so this may and will probably change; Hello music sequencer?) I digress. Flower and Journey. Last guardian. Guys Sony brings it everyone knows it even journalists. The only mistake that Sony made was the price. BD will be around for a long time because it is firmware that will allow larger capacity BDs to be played on current players. It was built for the future period as long as physical mediums will be used. Think about next gen. Bluray will still be around. No elevated prices. They have learned from MS that software matters and have done a great job explaining the NGP UI. Sony will be on top again if the price is right. The price at the beginning was wrong and MS held onto great 1st party devs long enough to garner some gamer fans. However, Sony has shown and proved their commitment to quality game releases that are truly exclusive to their console. Sony has no real mascot and didn't need one because whatever comes from their studios is usually top notch. They botched Lair no doubt but other than that their track record is still intact as far as quality games and hardware. Journalists think that we are stupid and need direction or something. We know what is good and what is bad. Sony has great machines. We want a good value for their advancements and that is what they are offering. How can we ignore the obvious? NGP is awesome sauce. Yes many will play it at home as much as abroad but that is ok when it is that good a proposition.

jony_dols2910d ago

My god! How long did it take to write that post?

pain777pas2910d ago

I type like I speak in a matter of minutes I could give you something to read. But you won't get those moments of your life back.

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zeeshan8102910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Umm..because PSP2 has 2 analog sticks, PS3 graphics (new games), bigger processor, touch screen, 2 cameras. :)

Buho2910d ago

Pretty much this. The PSP was still an amazing handheld, how can people hate on it? Listen up hardcore gamers, be sure to buy the PSP2 to let Microsoft and Sony know to cut that casual crap. That's Nintendo's job. The PSP2 for me is a day one buy!


Better Multiplayer and Connectivity Online and linked to PSN.

AntoineDcoolette2910d ago

Because of the 'social' gaming aspects and support of a 3G network!! And its like having big brother in your pocket, it traces your steps 8-)

ugabugaz2910d ago (Edited 2910d ago )

Last time I played on my PSP? 30 minutes ago.
Mine is running 5.00 M33-6 (With Prometheus) though, so I have a tonne of stuff customized, like in-game music, screenshot ability etc..
flamebait article.

tablav2910d ago

My PSP is in my bag right now waiting to be played on the train journey home. Still playing FFVII: Crisis Core and GTA: Vice City Stories. The controls AREN'T that bad when you get used to the camera controls.

Oh, and being able to play Crash Bandicoot portable. Makes my life so much better.

sickbird2910d ago

dumb question.

2 sticks
awesome graphics

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