Treyarch: CoD DLC matchmaking 'to get a lot better'

The absence of a dedicated playlist for Call of Duty: Black Ops Map pack, First Strike, is designed to avoid fragmenting the community, according to Treyarch community manager Josh Olin.

But Olin also added that Treyarch was looking into feedback and that a map pack playlist was something Treyarch was "willing, maybe, to compromise on."

Speaking to, Olin explained why Treyarch decided against adding a specific playlist with yesterday's launch of the First Strike DLC.

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KillerBBs3794d ago

Just when you think it couldn't get worst.

Dart893794d ago

Why would u buy a crappy map pack for a shitty game??

TreMillz3794d ago

why only matchmaking Treyarch, why not....the ENTIRE FREAKIN GAME!

RSPproductionz3794d ago

wow they released it broken. fuck you treyarch

captain-obvious3794d ago

the matchmaking in this game not only broken
it's also stupid beyond imagination
you can't believe how many games that i got in and it was one sided
one sided that it's just unbelievable

i mean i get in to a game
and the teams are like this
team A full of noobs and the best guy is with first prestige and most like 80% of the team's kills is by him
team B full of ppl with at least 5th prestige
team A get like a 1000 point MAX and the other team wins the game with no sweat at all
and its just a matter of luck really
because all I think is this match making system is doing is just taking ppl by random and throwing them into a game
no matter what

Pixelated_Army3794d ago

"matchmaking to get a lot better"

they must have only now started using those creative juices they were talking about.

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bluwulf3794d ago

They are too busy innovating guys. They might fix it next release though...

MarcusFenixITA3794d ago

Fuck COD - a few hours an I can play killzone 3

outwar60103794d ago

actions speak louder than words

Nate-Dog3794d ago

Well it can't exactly get any worse can it? Pathetic really a company can expect people to pay full price for a game that doesn't function as it should in it's first 2 months.

plb3794d ago

LULZ been saying that for months...every update they say it gets better but has gotten worse (PS3 version anyway) traded it in the other day towards KZ3 anyways so I don't care.

HK63794d ago

A separate playlist should have been a day one feature. Bungie got DLC playlists very right by putting a DLC-only playlist as well as trying to match players that have DLC with others that also have it in regular playlists.

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The story is too old to be commented.