Dungeons Review (Hooked Gamers)

I’ve spent a good amount of my in-game life wandering through caves, crypts, and dungeons full of goblins and ogres and animated skeletons. Why? Well, there’s gold down there – lots of gold. Equipment too. There are swords and shields and mithril plate mails, not to mention magic scrolls and books.

But how does all that stuff get there? I always thought it was all left by other adventurers who maybe should’ve leveled up a bit more before venturing forth. But then I would think: why did those adventurers go into the dungeon? How did the treasure they were after get there? Were there adventurers before them? The whole thing would spiral into a chicken-egg situation: Which came first, the adventurer or the treasure? That’s when my head would start to hurt.

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Kiriel3794d ago

It's not quite Dungeon Keeper, but it's certainly as much fun. :)