New PlayStation Plus Content For February & March 2011

EU PSBlog: Hi Guys, Hopefully you have all recovered from the Christmas holidays and are having a great start to the year.

This post is just letting you know the content coming to Plus in February and March. Please bear in mind that we try to give as complete a list as possible but some content may be missing as we want to make sure we avoid disappointment.

Wherever possible we have taken the titles you requested and included them.

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Wizziokid3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

we got that last month... really, thanks sony :/

Killzone 3 single player demo is defiantly the best thing this month, downloading that as soon as it's up!

SOCOM beta next month too, not bad ;)

Lucreto3794d ago

Shatter is back again because of the problems they had last month.

Rob9463794d ago

it says sonic the hedgehog not sonic 4.? is it actually sonic 4 or what.?

DigitalEnemy3794d ago

*Tapping foot...

Still waiting for FEATURES to be added to Playstation Plus

1. Cross game chat
2. Cloud saving
3. Auto sync trophies

Those 3 features alone would see adoption rates sky rocket!

GraySnake3794d ago

cloud is coming this month. my guess is CGC will come at e3 this year as a last major update for the ps3 feature wise.

AssassinHD3794d ago

I am looking forward to cloud saving myself. Cross game chat would be nice, but I would not really have much of a practical use for it. When I am playing a multiplayer game I would prefer to communicate with my team. When I am playing a single player game I try to engross myself into the story. I really couldn't care less about auto-syncing trophies. It isn't that hard to manually sync them when you are done playing.

Cloud saving is on the way, and don't forget that PS+ did launch with a feature. I love my automatic downloads.

Tony-Red-Grave3794d ago

1. MS has a patent on it so yeah don't expect it
2. currently a rumor funny thing it was listed as a feature for ps+
3. the most likely to happen

FAGOL3794d ago

'1. MS has a patent on it so yeah don't expect it ' lol no just pretty hard to implement.