Bulletstorm developer admits Xbox hardware is holding them back

Xbox 360 hardware is holding back development according to Bulletstorm's Creative Director Adrian Chmielarz.

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Zir03795d ago

It will be interesting to see how many people just read the title and not the article.

DigitalRaptor3795d ago

Whether or not they do or they don't, it's just common sense.

You don't need to be a fanboy to know that.

This article is totally unnecessary anyway and quite misleading!

kancerkid3795d ago

What a shitty title for this article.

The second paragraph of the 'story':
"When asked 'Five years since Xbox 360 appeared on the you feel that the hardware is stopping you from doing what you'd like?' he said, "Yes, but any developer in the world will ALWAYS say that, no matter what. We could have 128 GB of RAM and it still won't be enough." He went on to add, "Seriously, though, it feels pretty good making games on Xbox 360. As you can see with the exclusive titles like Halo and Gears or multiplatform titles like Bulletstorm, the quality is high enough not to feel any pressure for the next generation. People like the current gen, and I think we still have a lot of room for exploration.""

AAACE53795d ago

The title alone will have the fanboys going crazy!

SasanovaS19873795d ago

halo? gears? bulletstorm? those are their quality titles that dont have any pressure from next gen titles? hahaha all those games are on 1 dvd, and they do their best to sugar coat the games, and use every trick in the book, smoke and mirrors, to make them somewhat decent looking and playable. yet top 5 of PS3 exclusives takes like 6 DVDs minimum. why do you think that is? lack of compression my @ss, its the fact that the ps3 is a whole generation infront of the 360, packing every blu ray disk with insane ammounts of data. that data is there for a reason, and thats to create the true NEXT GEN we gamers deserve. disagree all you want :/

Hellsvacancy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I dont really care, the BulletStorm demo i played was poop, you mofos can argue over it as much as you want

But on the topic of 360 games im REALLY enjoyin Mass Effect 2 on my PS3, it was the only game i was ever envious about

zootang3795d ago


No run and gun AND no jumping! What is this 2005?

jadenkorri3795d ago

let the fanboy rage begin..

ComboBreaker3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

at least they're willing to admit that the 360 is holding them back. It is an inferior hardware after all.

Inside_out3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Here we are going on 6 years for the xbox 360 and the games are only getting better. deserve to have ONLY a PS3 with stupidity like is KZ, UC, MGS...all of them 720p and 30/fps??? How come with all this room on the blu-rays the games are no longer and actually shorter in many You can put all the cut-scenes you want in the game and fill up the blu-ray with garbage like that...I want GAME PLAY, I don't want sit around and watch cut scenes...a PS3 specialty. I know...I have one.

Just Look a this kid Darkride66 multi-plat plays, looks and sells better on the 360. RDR, PSM GOTY is 640p on PS3 and 720p on 360...if that was reversed, it would be the inferior 360's fault right??? Mafia 2, cod...ALL released in the LAST YEAR, all look play and sell better on 360. If you spent more time researching you wouldn't look so ignorant ALL THE TIME.

It's up to the developer and the creative director to decide how best to utilize the system they have at there disposal. Want destructible environments, compromise will have to be made. Want crazy, over the top physics, you'll have to make some exceptions.

Good devs make good games and finds ways around the inherent problems a system may have. The cell processor is almost useless and that's why you are seeing all the cut scenes that plague the games on that system.

UC is more cut scenes than anything else. Every Time you jump somewhere in that game it triggers a cut scene. Open a door, cut scene, have a conversation, cut scene. Read or watch some of ND dev diaries sometime. They had issues with some thing as small as a barrel exploding. Why do you think they went with Havok for part 2 AND 564 cut scene " simulations " Vs 84 for part

Still waiting for a PS3 game that can do what this demo can do...from 2006 no less

Incredible sound and vistas. Brutal in game melee action. Devastating weapons with over the top physics. Watch how the shot gun rips the locust in half. The BEST cover system in tap of the button, you slid into cover. Vault over the cover, run along the cover, free fire from the cover. Even the reload mechanic is a mini game with the double click right bumper. Hold the " A " button down to roadie run. Watch how every bullet leaves a trail and connects some where. Terrific animations...more game play in this DEMO than in most games.

Count the pixels and complain about the sales...this game delivered...Alan Wake...

@2011 only going to get better...

zootang3795d ago


Why are 360 exclusives like Alan Wake 540p?

stevenhiggster3795d ago

Stupid title for a stupid article.
But would any of us have clicked on it if it wasn't for the title?

Persistantthug3795d ago

cez of rage said,
"EVERY multi-plat plays, looks and sells better on the 360."

Seriously, calm down, take a deep breath, think things through before you make heated, irrational, and angry responses.

Getting angry apparently causes you to make things up. Lying only proves that you deserve the 1 bubble you have.

I'm being serious.......Do better please, cez of rage.

Good luck

Sevir043795d ago

Sensational headline and poor journalistic integrity rears its ugly head yet again!

Shepherd 2143795d ago

Five year old gaming hardware is starting to show its limitations? I ask you all, who would have guessed it????

KillerBBs3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

BS is going to be fun reguardless.

food for thought: I have a 360 and a PS3, I know the PS3 has more power but why is it... i only play 360 games?

What's better doesnt mean it's more fun.

duplissi3795d ago

... oh cez the level of fanboyism you put out is astonishing. not since zhuk, power of green, or bungie have i seen such love for the xbox.

perhaps you should take a second and relax. its an amalgamation of plastic, silicon, and metal... and therefor not deserving of the attention you give it.

Theonetheonly3795d ago

Im totally gonna take this seriously and prepare my rebuttal comment so all the n4g-ers can see how powerful my brain and my choice of gaming platform are.




ill show them

IcarusOne3795d ago

agreed Killer. I own both, but my 360 typically gets much more play than my PS3. I guess that make me an ignorant fanboy...(tear)

@ persistantthug - lol. Yes, cez is very rageful, but at least he's pretty upfront about his bias. Can you give example of multiplats that sold better on PS3? (FF13 doesn't count.)

KingME3795d ago

@cez of rage - Most of what I read from your comment appeared legitimate, I don't know what these guys are talking about.

SkyGamer3795d ago

I like how everyone thinks blu-ray is the future. It is not. It is streaming and dd. We all know that. Look at how blu-ray is doing. They have to compete with DD and DVD which are WAY ahead of blu-ray. Let's not count in the slow read times and data etched on 0.1 mm of the disc. All you who bought a ps3 funded sony to use that crappy format. It may have won the battle against HD-DVD but it will lose the war to flash memory, dd, hdd, ssd, thumbdrives, etc. Why have to power a disc anymore? I can get a 128 gb thumbdrive. Even a 64 gb thumbdrive is more than a dual layer blu-ray and with usb 3.0, it has MUCH faster transfer rates. Why wouldn't I go with that? Let's not even go into the single core processor or the dated 7800gtx. Sheesh...

ABizzel13795d ago

All of you people are sad. Does it really matter.

PS3 fans let it go. The 360 fanboys attacked the PS3 when it first came out, but the S3 has proven itself. You have nothing to prove to 360 fanboys, the games have done it for you.

360 fans the PS2 beat the Xbox, and the 360 is currently beating the PS3 in sales. 360 games are fun, and the online community is great. You have what you want, and nothing to prove to PS3 fanboys. Just enjoy your console.

mrcash3795d ago

@zootang I would assume that Alan wake runs at that res because it has the best lighting and shadows in any console game to date, I play on both consoles, well actually no longer game on xbox just ps3 and Alan wake hands down wins in the lighting dept over any ps3 game, not only that but the game really is beautiful the res doesnt make the game its everything else and imo lighting is really important and very resource intensive.

Snake Raiser3795d ago

On the contrary I think it is a brilliant title. At least from the point of view of the people who made it. They get hundreds of hits for nothing. It is a perfect example of how "a sucker is born every minute."

baodeus3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )


Dude, if game like UC2,KZ2,GoW3,MGS4,heavenly sword, can even play for more than 10hrs w/ out cut scene, i would think the blue ray really helps, but it doesn't. FF13 add 10+ hrs uncompress CGI and music -> hence 3DVD, or MGS4 having cutscene every 5 mins doesn't prove anything about Blue ray advantage for games play time beside loading up w/ uncompress sound and HD videos. If blue-ray add tones of gameplay hrs and you don't need DLC, then i can see your point, but right now, u have nothing to prove other wise. Those are the top exclusive games on ps3 no less.

While u obviously gloss over game like RDR, GTA, Fable, oblivion, etc... that have insane details in a much much larger and open game, tones of hrs game play and than those ps3 exclusives and they ran fine on 1 DVD, do you know why? They don't have uncompress CGI, cutscene, QTE or music that for sure.

Crysis set the bench mark for graphics and it also ran on 1 DVD, so how does DVD limited the graphics? For example, if the console graphic card can display a maximum of 1 billion polygon at a time, and the blue-ray load up of 40 times that much more, can it display all of it, or only display up to it max capability? You can also go play those old games at 1080p, 120fps, with ease on console, does it mean it look better? Many seem to not understand what this HD resolution actually mean. If it is higher = it is more a major misconception on n4g.

I hope you can provide me with some back up on those claims of yours (data are there for a reason). I have given mind, i hope you could do the same instead of just making a biased statement.

@ Cez of rage
man calm down, i think u going into that same realm as sasanova. Using a bias statement to argue another biased view is not the solution. Ask question instead and hopefully, and i do mean BIG HOPE, that people on n4g can give some unbias view on the matter.

and the article actually talk about limitation of consoles....get it consoles. do people read article anymore? It seems many of you just ran off w/ your own ideas after reading a misleading title (a must for every article to stir interest in reader) but never even bother to read.

DigitalRaptor3794d ago

@ duplissi

That's because cez of rage is the same person as Bungie, green ring of life, and InTheKnow. It is a multi-account troll you're dealing with!

@ IcarusOne

Dude, no matter what pro-Xbox propoganda and misinformation might have been telling you, most multiplatform games have been selling better on PS3 for a while... Castlevania, Enslaved, Vanquish, Resident Evil 5, BlazBlue, Fist of the North Star, Sonic & Sega All Star Racing, Dante's Inferno, Need for Speed: Shift, Dynasty Warriors, Split/Second, Lost Planet 2, Dead Space, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Burnout Paradise, Nier, Resonance of Fate, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2, Devil May Cry 4, Bayonetta, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, Grid, Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6, Blur, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Tomb Raider Underworld, Darksiders, Alpha Protocol, Dirt 2, FIFA (every year), X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Quantum Theory etc.

Notice: All the ones that aren't first-person shooters.

baodeus3794d ago

you guys can disagree all you want (looking at sasanova), so how have those exclusives have longer play time or doesn't have DLC because it was on blueray? Funny, disagree and yet no response as usual to back your claim. It just prove that you are just BS like usual.

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sp1deynut3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

...just another website trolling for hits. They could have just as easily used "It feels pretty good making games on Xbox 360" as their headline, since it's a direct quote from the same article...but we all know nobody would bother clicking that link. ;)

BTW, he never mentioned the PS3, because his statement was in reference to PC development. The 360 consistently trumps the PS3 in multiplatform games, and Bulletstorm is no different.

totallysane3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

because the 360 is always the development console and the ps3 is always the inferior port, glad i have a high end pc, so i can say screw consoles sometimes.

Anon19743795d ago

"The 360 consistently trumps the PS3 in multiplatform games.."

In your opinion. Since 2008, things started to shift to the PS3 in terms of review scores. 2007, the average review score showed most reviewers thought the 360 had the edge with multiplats. In 2008 reviewers said it was about even, and in 2009-2010 the shift in review scores indicate that the majority of multiplats released are the same, if not better on the PS3.

If you're basing the theory that the "The 360 consistently trumps the PS3 in multiplatform games," ask yourself, where did that idea come from? A couple of sites that claim to do side by side comparisons on only a fraction of the multiplats released? Why would you base your decision on their opinions when hundreds of professional reviewers say differently, and have for some time. It's kinda like believing the science of the one guy on the corner who says the sky is falling when every other scientist says no such thing is happening.

When there is a discrepancy in console games between versions, we see it reflected in overall review scores. Sticking to the old myth that "everything's better on the 360" simply isn't supported.

You've got to ask yourself, what are you basing your opinion on, the one guy yelling on the corner or the multitude of professional reviewers whose job it is to review games for a living?

jony_dols3795d ago

The best multiplatform game in the past 6 months,
has a superior PS3 version.

*turns back on Dead Space Extraction*

N4g_null3795d ago

Lol darkrider said professional reviewer lol. This some how trumps your own opinion? Millions of gamers not buying a game is no proof that it's not that good. Only awards from professionals who can be easily bought should be believed. Maybe gaming is closer to being art than we think?

Shepherd 2143795d ago

Lol at the guy above with Dead Space Extraction.

If you care so much that the PS3 version came with that semi-okay Wii port then more power to ya.

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guigsy3795d ago

Whether they do or they don't, it's a fact that 5 year-old hardware is going to hold developers back to a certain extent. However, to see the quality of games they can still achieve on the 360 is still mind-blowing when you think about it.

BLACKBOIJONES3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The title should be "the 360 is holding back every multi plat game" not just bulletstorm

The only thing the 360 can b proud of in terms of graphics is gears of war..Halo games look like shiny plastic.

Active Reload3795d ago

Why would anyone buy a multiplat game for PS3 if they own both consoles or a pc? I agree, Gears 3 is the only game I see that shows what the 360 can do, as far as power. Multiplats performing better on the 360 90% of the time is another story...

jimbone793795d ago

He was saying that in reference to the PC, the PS3 would be giving them the same limitations seeing as it has the same amount of RAM available.

hoops3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

If you read the article it mostly refers to CONSOLES holding back development. Not just the Xbox360.

"PC gamers can experience the most cutting edge graphics with upgrades to their graphics components, whereas console gamers get stuck with out of date technology."

Notice they mention of CONSOLES.

schlanz3795d ago

That's also because most of the time the game was lead on 360 and ported to PS3. The paradigm has shifted and now many games are being led on PS3 and ported to 360 which apparently leads to a lot fewer complications, Dead Space 2 (and pretty much every EA game from here on out if it is not on PC) is a good example of that.

And speaking of Dead Space.... Free Extraction is all I have to say.

kancerkid3795d ago

How about technology in general holds back developers?

If you would have even taken the time to glance at the article, the dev talks about how having unlimited storage and 128 GBs of RAM would still be a limitation.

But since you did not read the article, you are obviously only here to troll in favor of the PS3 which has the same amount of RAM as the 360, a weaker GPU ( and maybe a more powerful GPU (yet to be seen).

shinrock3795d ago

so you just read the title.

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awiseman3795d ago

Typical ps3fanboy article posters, titling articles for fanboy hits.

schlanz3795d ago

Did you notice it's a 360 site?

nskrishna23795d ago

Of course he didn't. He is a wise man afterall...

gamer20103795d ago

But the title on N4G is bullsh!t. Totally does not reflect what was actually said in the article.

Ifone3795d ago


So much xbox fanboys denial and lies here, i'm embarrassed for them, it's pathetic to see them really believing that multiplatforms are "better" on xbix, since most of the time it's the same game (and only biased sites like lot find ridiculous differences), and most of all, since ps3 exclusives are way better than that, and xbox exclusives (don't even talk about the variety and quantity killing them each years, ans 2011 more than ever).

Another big denial is about sells, ps3 sold more cinsoles and games, even on the xbox dite vgcgartz, so stop lying to yourself fanboy living in 2006 stupid world.

@the fanboy saying "bububu i have the 2 and play xbox more", you just have bad taste (and don't buy the best gzmes since 3 years), or just buy like
lot of dumb fanboy all the multi on xbox, it prove just you are not a gamer who can trust and listen, and fiesn't change the fact that ps3 has more, and better exclusives (metacritic)...

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3795d ago
doa7663795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

by common sense and without naming names, the two consoles are very diffirent with different capabilities, so if a game looks pretty much the same on both then one of the consoles has unused potential and the game was make to look and perform as well as the console with less potentail allow it

Strikepackage Bravo3795d ago

Articles like this are a result of the fact that PS3 fanboys pretty much own the net right now. Xbox fans spend their free time on XBLive. If you want to survive in gaming news, you have to report things that make PS3 fanboys all giddy.

Its gotten to the point that even xbox sites are making lame attempts to get hits from PS3 fanboys by making negative misleading 360 titles that attract PS3 fans, because instead of playing PS3, most of the fans spend their time trolling the web looking for vindication for their console of choice, and attacking anyone who does not worship Sony along side them.

It really is a pathetic state of affairs, Im not sure who is more pathetic though, the media for selling out to these douche bags, or the douchebag fanboys who actually spend all their free time defending Sony and trashing MS.

2v13795d ago

... mayb ther are more people that like ps3 more and that s why.... mayb b cz ps3 is nexgenaration whit blu-ray and better garpiXXz, and free internet

xX-PEIN-Xx3795d ago

yeah whatever helps you sleep at night...

Darrius Cole3795d ago

Is it the whole gaming internet now? I knew it was N4G but have PS3 fans taken most of the gaming internet as a whole?

What a difference a few years makes. I remember when you had to be on a PS3 site to find good PS3 comments and press. Now we have PS3 favoring flame-bait on 360 sites, never cease to amaze.

nskrishna23795d ago

So it is ok to troll the PS3 but not cool if we return the favor?

insomnium23795d ago

@ darrius

I still remember how crazy the media and this site was in 2005-2007. No matter how sound opinion you had about something relating to PS3 you were a sony nuthugger end of discussion.


I find it extremely funny to read all the comments where the x360 fans try to play the victim in all this. That's effing hilarious.

gamer20103795d ago

insomnium, you are a liar. You are always trying to peddle that crap about this site once being dominated by 360 fanboys, but it's complete nonsense. Anybody can read the articles from that time and see that there were plenty of PS3 fanboys hating on the 360 back then as well. It wasn't all one sided like it is now.

Ifone3795d ago

Lol again, they are really living in the opposite world, quality, numbers and facts means nothing for the 5,6 real blind xfanboy with lot of multi accounts....

Gamers can't be blind all the time, and even with the ms viral marketing, biased us medias, fanbiys blog always lying since 2006, real gamers can't ignore best hardware and game, don't be stupid and open your eyes, gamers are not fanbiys when they like the best things and don't lie like the clowns we can read here.

madjedi3795d ago

@gamer2010 No he isn't, you have a join date of jan 2010, how do you anything about n4g in 2006-2008 exactly.

This place was a huge 360 haven at the start of this gen, and the 360 fanboys treated ps3 owners as bad as ps3 fanboys treat 360 owners now.

You would have to be blind or retarded not to have seen how biased the western media was against the ps3 the first yr or 2.

To all the 360 people upset by the hate/ect shown towards the 360/it's fans, you reap what you sow, next time don't allow your community be a arrogant dick early on.

And maybe the other side won't treat you so shitty, when your console isn't doing as well as it used to.

But if they defending ms and trashing sony it would be worthwhile right strike.

@strike thats like soda aka delbert gradey, cez or rage, or omega 4 ect... calling someone a fanboy. Bud you have been a 360 fanboy for years, no one believe your not one, at least be honest and not try to pretend you aren't one, stfu from one fanboy to another.

The true answer is both sides, pull the same fanboy shit on each other, being hypocritical if it suits there needs, so neither is innocent and both are prejudiced against the other side.

Why the hell are people like strike acting surprised by these behaviors, when this has been the norm for n4g for the past few yrs.

Now to the 360 guys/fanboys boasting about superior multiplatform games, you people are fucking lame when you have an actual exclusive to boast about, then you have a reason to brag

Stop thinking your driving ferrari, when it's actually a ford tempo stop fooling yourself.

insomnium23794d ago


Great comment!


There were a few of us who dared to speak their mind. The bad thing is when you did you lost all your bubbles. The same thing happens still just look at darkride's comments. Or Morganfell's. They get marked for trolling while posting the most reasonable and sound truthfull comments. They STILL get the same treatment since the mods remember them from the early days and are butthurt by the fact they were always right from the getgo.

People got so caught up by the media. You wouldn't believe the amounts of doom and gloom articles about "Cell not being any good" and "BD hitting the dirt any day now" and it continued as "DDL wil kill BD" and so on and so on. All the while MS's execs were throwing poop at the general direction of Sony with no reason whatsoever or beating their chests with a win-by-default-situation due to the later launch of the PS3. This was a madhouse and for you to try and downplay it makes the situation now all the more delicious.

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ImmortalLegend3795d ago

When are people going to realize that most consumers do not give a crap about graphics. If that was the case the wii wouldn't be in first place and the 360 wouldn't be in second place. As long as the games look good enough it doesn't matter. Only "hardcore gamers" care about graphics and you guys are outnumbered lol.

Christopher3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

What a sad and misleading title.

"Yes, but any developer in the world will ALWAYS say that, no matter what. We could have 128 GB of RAM and it still won't be enough."

The better and less flamebait title would have been: "Bulletstorm developer admits hardware will always hold them back"

jadnice3795d ago

Regardless of the content of the article.... its been know for yrs now that the 360 has peaked and cannot produce any improvement from the visuals department. Dont get me wrong... the 350 have some great games I want to play but it just cannot match the PS3 from a graphics, particles and lighting just to name a few.

Dont think I am correct... some me a game... any game that is on the same level as MGS4, KZ2, KZ3 and dare I add the epicness of Uncharted (all of them). Face it Cell processor rules.... O and u need to see the 4 mins of R3.... damn now thats is a real battle zone.

gamer20103795d ago

MGS4 is nothing impressive. Assassin's Creed, Alan Wake and Dead Space 2 all look better.

Furthermore, Crysis 2 on the 360 looks better than anything I have seen before, so it is obvious that progress is continuing to be made on the 360.

vishant1013795d ago

i thought alan wake had superb lighting and gears3 easily looks better then mgs4 (i found that boring by the way wasn't as great as the previous ones)but where the xbox wins is value halo is the best value for game i have ever bought im sorry but it is its gameplay is almost flawless and mp just as good as another game and although the graphics dont match the like of killzone i would pick halo over that any day and if the cell processor rules just why is it being maxed out already lets face it both of the hd have been maxed out now but they still have long legs cause they are making games that some how that still amaze us look at the wii maxed out since day one and yet mario galaxy HIGHEST RATED GAME LAST YEAR WAS ON IT

jadnice3794d ago

Gamer2010 and Mini101... I respectfuly suggest you both get your eyes check. Its already reported that crysis 2 looks very poor on the 360 and we already know the best platform for Crysis 2 and Dead Space 2 is on the PC (which are the versions I have with my badass GPU).

lol I did notice Gamer2010 that you could only attack MGS4 and not the other elite games on the PS3 since nothing on the 360 can compare...

baodeus3790d ago

I suggest all of you to get your eyese check. The forces are strong with these fanboy.

Although at Jadnice:
go and compare games like Resident evil 5 to any game you mention: I haven't seen any game w/ better realistic texture and lighting so far.

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ChrisW3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I don't get it...

Why does an Xbox fan site put up an article with a Flame-a-licious title, and then feebly make the article sound positive?

Ah... hits!

xAlmostPro3795d ago

Everybody knows this.. like it says though its still been enough to create some great games. I think even microsoft know the limitations are showing now and probably another reason why they have and are going so heavily into kinect.

xtremexx3795d ago

lol he said that it was holding them back then covered it up