Yakuza 4 ESRB Rating Summary, Sex, Strip Clubs, and Violence

After a long wait to get Yakuza 3, PS3 owners were thrilled when the title finally saw release stateside in March 2010. One year later, the PS3 is getting another installment of the series with the release of Yakuza 4. As the March 15th release date quickly approaches, the ESRB has released their summary on the game and rating.

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Yi-Long3795d ago

... and not like Yakuza 3, missing a whole bunch of content.

I know Sega promised only the quiz is missing, but still... they promised last time only the hosting and quiz were missing, and it turned out it was a little bit more than that.

Can't wait. Game looks fun.

deadreckoning6663795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I've logged in about 50 hours in Yakuza 3 and I have less than 40% completion. IMO, no gamer can be unhappy with Yakuza 3 as far as content and replay value...cuts or not.

InfiniteJustice3795d ago

Yeah I found more than enough to keep me occupied in Yakuza 3. I was thankful they brought it over to the west, and that was enough. Can't believe some people missed out on the game because hostess clubs were cut...

ThanatosDMC3795d ago

HAHAHA! Same here. I thought i got a lot of things done in Yakuza 3 but after i finished the game it told me i got 38% completion. I was baffled at the stuff i missed.

Also, for those who havent played the arena mode extensively... You dont f*ck with a shaolin monk who carries a staff. He'll kick your ass before you could fight back.

Man In Black3795d ago

Agreed, I was annoyed at the news that content was cut, but there's more than enough anyway. Though some of it was fucking annoying (golf and the harder pool challenges took ages to finish).

knifefight3795d ago

"ESRB Rating Summary, Sex, Strip Clubs, and Violence"

Rating summary? Sounds like a "My life summary."

RandomGamer3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

March is gonna leave me poor,potentially 5 games to buy.

ShinFuYux3795d ago

Yet, no where says "NUDITY". How can they have strip clubs, sex and such with no one actually being seen naked?

ThanatosDMC3795d ago

Well there's a lot of guys that take off their shirt... hahaha!

Legion3795d ago

Think about it... just count the number of games that have strip clubs, sex etc. in their game and show no nudity.

Have you played games outside of Nintendo titles???? Nothing personal but come on... the titles are a dime a dozen. Let me start you off from AGES ago... DUKE NUKEM.