Why You Should Be Worried About Mortal Kombat

TheSixthAxis: "...NetherRealm Studios is definitely on the right track with the new Mortal Kombat. By recapturing the essence of the classic MK titles, the developers have made a bold statement and clearly want to be taken seriously. The problem is, their execution seems to be a bit flawed when compared to the competition..."

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GrieverSoul2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Funny you mention street fighter 4 as a good example because I remember a certain Zangief move called lariat that would break the game. In arcade mode Seth is waayyyyy overpowered and in the hands of a skilled user Sagat is still a beast and very dificult to counter.

Delriach2814d ago

lol the Lariat hardly broke the game beyond playing against AI, which actually doesn't matter at all. It's a weakness in the AI caused by careless programming that doesn't actually influence the balance of the game at all outside of that. In real play, the Lariat is not at all overpowered and can be countered quite easily if used carelessly.

Seth is a final boss, he's meant to be overpowered. While his methods of battle are cheesy and seem broken, his health is ridiculously low to compensate for his great offensive.

Sagat was definitely a beast character in the original SFIV but he wasn't unbeatable. In Super SFIV he was nerfed and you rarely ever see him played competitively, despite still being a good character to use. He just takes a lot more work to use now. Either way, "in the hands of a skilled user" ANYONE can be a beast. I think SSFIV should have proven this by now if you've seen high level play.

Krimmson2814d ago

You do realize that you were able to just... duck the lariat, right?

And if you think Seth was an overpowered boss then you haven't even faced Gill in Third Strike or any King of Fighters boss. These guys make Seth look like a pussy.

Active Reload2814d ago

After reading the article I can understand your concern about balancing issues and the games you mentioned along with what the companies did to get the feedback for the games are great examples. I don't know if you knew this, but the whole handling of stringing along combos in MK is....different. Ed Boon said that the combo system will be accessible, to the point where people can make up their own combos. I'm trying to watch the wording I'm using, I don't want people to feel one way about this decision when I personally haven't played the game. I read this information a few days ago in an article here on N4g. I've played a decent amount of fighting games as a gamer and I don't remember if any of them gave the player the oppurtunity to make up their own combos "on the fly" or in real time. Ed Boon said the "scripted" combos would be bare minimum. I'm actually excited about that and can't wait to see it pulled off. But like I said, you bring up a good point in the article and could very much so be associated with the new combo scheme they have.

ddelella2814d ago

My biggest problem with the new MK is the new target audience. They have stripped out all the secondary features that made the game better and more in depth than any other fighting game, a story and mini games. Every fighting game can be a fighting game and only worry about character balance and boards. I know Tekken in the past has done a story mode which was an enjoyable respit to the monotonous fighting. Dropping these features pretty much drops the game from buying for me.

Krimmson2814d ago

So instead of making the game actually good (because we all know MK games for the past decade have not been good fighting games at all), you'd rather the dev team spend much of their time working on bland mini games to cover up the bland fighting engine?

ScarzFX2814d ago

They have not stripped out the story. The story mode is still there, and it seems like it will be pretty in-depth from what NetherRealm studios have said about it. I also remember them saying theres 3 hours of cut-scenes. On the other hand though, I'm completely FOR them not having any mini games if it means they will put more time into the actual game.

It would be nice though if they'd release a free downloadable mini game add-on after the games release (Preferably Chess Kombat :D).

Skizelli2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

"In theory, this could eliminate infinite combos and change attack properties for the better. However, we can’t just be expected to believe in such an easy fix without seeing it in practice. If it works as intended, this could be a revolutionary feature for the genre."

It's not just a theory. This method of tweaking is already implemented into games like Black Ops (weapon variables, among other things, can be adjusted in this way). It won't fix everything, but the game can easily be patched on this generation of consoles. WB is to blame for keeping much of the game under wraps. That's not to say I don't like their approach with the marketing, however. I like the mystery surrounding this one - it's reminiscent of the MKII days. Back in the Midway era, they revealed way too much when a new game came out (post MK4), to the point where most of the fatalities and such were known already. Not a single MK game's game-play has been perfect, and I'm sure this one will have its flaws. But I'm confident in the fact that they'll patch whatever needs to be patched based on user feedback, especially since the game has been announced for EVO 2011 - which is a big deal when you consider the fact that EVO has never taken MK seriously. The dev team is definitely listening.

Might I also add that play testers will not catch everything before a game is released many of the fighting games you mentioned are testament to this. The hardcore community would have to spend months, if not years with it to find flaws. Such a community within the MK crowd is very limited, as the MK games have never targeted the hardcore and UMK3 is the only game prior to this one with game-play that is remotely competitive.

Skizelli2809d ago

Er, "Might I also add that play testers will not catch everything before a game is released. Many of the fighting games you mentioned are testament to this."

Skizelli2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Jesus, I really wish there was a delete button.

Skizelli2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )


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