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ForzaGT3795d ago

seriously here seems to some clear improvements to visuels from R2

thief3795d ago

So whats new. Show me one PS3 exclusive which is not miles better graphically than the previous game in the franchise?

beavis4play3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

picture 4 (of the leaper by the "jet" sign) is SO badass.

thief3795d ago

For 3 years the Insomniac franchise was the heavy lifter out of all the PS3 studios, they brought out one game every year when the media and xbox camp were trying to kill the PS3 with their "PS3 has no games, difficult to code for, weaker than 360" mantra.
I am glad now they are taking the next step, and using that exttea year to prove that they are as good technically as any other studio.
Weapon wheel back, regen health gone, coop back - Insomniac's most awesome game ever?

thehitman3795d ago

After watching the video that was posted yesterday I feel Res3 will be the true sequel to R:FoM and I everything just looked sooo perfect will be instant buy this will be a true year for ps3 gamers. KZ3/Socom4/Infamous2/UC3/Res3 and sooo many others wow.