Bulletstorm and MadWorld: A match made in Hell

Bitmob: I know this guy who I swear is the crudest, most obnoxious person on the planet. While I wouldn't call him a friend, I'm always interested to hear what he'll say when he first arrives (uninvited) to a gathering if just for the sheer shock value. Of course, the novelty always wears thin in just a few minutes. So, when Bulletstorm hero Grayson Hunt calls me "dicktits" while introducing the game's demo, I get the feeling the final product will get old fast no matter how much fun this small taste will be.

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cochise3133790d ago

Personally I like Mad World better, Bulletstorm is ok but seems like it will get boring after a while; sort of like Serious Sam.

BiggCMan3790d ago

This article makes very valid points, and I agree with you as well. MadWorld was lots of fun, and I didn't think it got boring really quick at all. I am interested in Bulletstorm though and I will most likely rent it some day, but for the reasons in this article, I will most likely not buy it.

christheredhead3790d ago

mad world was a ridiculously fun title that i still like to play from time to time. it was just a bummer that it ended so soon. bulletstorm looks like it could be a fun relaxed break from the usual flood of fps games.

Venox20083789d ago

Madworld FTW!!! one of these games that I had a lot of fun