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LORD-PHOENIX3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

sony have soo much going on for 2011

ps3 exclusives
xperia play
playstation suite

and thats just their gaming side, i always diss sony for not marketing enough (i still think that they need to up the ante in their marketing department) but it does make you realise why they cant spend half a billion dollars promoting one product like microsoft did with kinect, sony just have too many eggs and too many baskets

Masterchef20073795d ago

thats what i love about sony. That they offer a huge variety of games that covers people of all ages.

Istanbull3795d ago

I really loved the new Resistance 3 gameplay video, it looks phenomenal!

Masterchef20073795d ago

wow pretty good looking games. Looks like sony is going to offer an incredible 2011 to the core.

Ludakriss3795d ago

It's all great and all but, this was posted at least 3 months ago. Sort it N4G. If there ain't news, don't start makin' shit up, k?