Are longer console cycles good for the industry?

If you’ve paid attention to the video game industry in the last 25 years, you should have noticed that new video game consoles have been released on average within five years of each other. A change in that cycle has occurred.

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DigitalRaptor3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

This generation is seeing a longer cycle, and I'm not sure who's leading that trend.

Sony have obviously set out their 10-year plan for the PS3 (much like PS2), with Microsoft following with their "10 year plan" and Kinect. I'm not sure what Nintendo had planned - I think they were just riding the success wave of DS and Wii.

Either way, it's obvious that all of the platform holders are working on successors to their current machines, but I've no idea who will make the first move. I doubt it will be Microsoft since they are treating the Kinect somewhat like a new console, with massive investment going into the device and trying to make it relevant.

All in all, development costs are higher than ever, and new consoles would only make it harder for developers and publishers. I think the current consoles and upcoming handhelds will hold focus for a while, until the market is ready.