GoGamingGiant First Impression: Fight Night Champion Demo

Teh from checks out the Fight Night Champion demo, and gives his first impression on EA's latest title in the Fight Night series.

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Rah5er03271d ago

Yeah, this game is gonna be sick. And your right, the graphics get better with each release, but I'm curious to try out the new punch it better or worse..?..can't wait!

omicron0093271d ago

it amazes me how good the graphcis are for boxing games, but I still have no interest in playing any

Murgatroyd73271d ago

Same here. I really don't see the appeal of these games, but they do usually look fantastic.

maskedaprentice3271d ago

I really hope the story pans out as good as they are making it out to be. The single players in the past have been pretty laughable. This one seems great though.

RaymondM3269d ago

I just can't wait to play the full game already. Fight night was one of the first games I played onthe 360 and it blue my mind!