Latest dragon titles don't live up to the legends

Back in the day – say, 550 A.D. – dragons were scary. They torched villages, hoarded treasures and kidnapped virgins, and one of them even took down legendary tough guy Beowulf. In Western cultures, at least, you didn't want to mess with dragons.

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WafflesID4043d ago

"“Blue Dragon” is the first release from Mistwalker, the studio founded by “Final Fantasy” creator Hironobu Sakaguchi to develop Japanese-style role-playing games for Microsoft. Xbox 360 owners have been starving for this sort of game, but they’re bound to be disappointed by this initial effort. Most of the game is spent exploring a desolate landscape, wandering between settlements until a villain shows up to move things along."


What a bunch of bullhooie.

Blue Dragon is an incredible game. Gorgeous (and varied!) landscapes, great story (once you really start to get into it), and some truly nice refinements to the JRPG genre. Not having random encounters is so incredibly nice, and they exploit this to the fullest. Grouping encounters is actually a consideration when planning your strategy.

I take it the tool who wrote this article just read a few reviews of lair and blue dragon and went with that instead of actually playing them.