Skirts? Where This Game Is Going, It Doesn't Need Skirts

For years, glimpses up skirts were used to titillate Japanese gamers. A new game's done away with that entirely. It is moving beyond, to new realms of I-don't-know-what.

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WhiteNoise3792d ago

wtf is wrong with japanese gamers...

Quagmire3792d ago

Who said anything was wrong with this?

Giggity goo.

blumatt3792d ago


"Who else but Quagmire?? Quagmire, Quagmire, Giggity Giggity Goo, Let's have sex!"

haha Family Guy ftw

TenSteps3792d ago

Meanwhile in Japan someone is looking at Alyx Vance and is saying wtf is wrong with western gamers.

WhiteNoise3792d ago

If you can show me an english version of the game 'rapelay' I'll give you that one...but until is wrong with japanese gamers...

TenSteps3792d ago

Even if I find anything of that sort the Japanese probably would still have ten worst things to show.

Sarcasm3792d ago

It's their taste.

Not my cup of tea either, but you cant change a nation's preference if it is what it is.

WhiteNoise3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Their preference is for pedophelia, you can't put that down as 'social difference.

Some countries mutilate womens genitals with shards of glass so they can't enjoy sex....

You don't just shrug it off and say "to each their own"

Their incest and pedophile fetish is just plain wrong.

If not wanting to touch people who are related by blood to me or people who are socially deemed to be children and who biologically are not ready for sex...makes me xenophobic, then where is my badge?


I know japanese men are into wearing 'panties' but I'm not into that sort of thing. Please continue though.

I'm going to go stand with the people who do not sympathise with incest fetish...

distorted_reality3792d ago

Someone has their panties in a slightly uncomfortable twist...

Trebius3792d ago

I like to know I can play a game, and at any point randomly pause it and masturbate.

Redempteur3792d ago


you're mixing things up. But no matter .

Your opinion is always better than others , right ?

ComboBreaker3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

American are so perverted. I turn on the TV, and sex is everywhere. Kids are wearing slutty clothes and talking about sex all the time. TV shows are full of sex jokes. It's just so un-clean.

And teaching kids how to have sex in school? My god! That is un-acceptable. Will the parents please think of the children!

American are just so digusting.

And don't even tell me about American's porn industry too. So many fricking weird fetishs, like 2 girls and a cup. OMG, I can't believe WhiteNoise and all American would watch something so nasty and disgusting and get turn on by it.

It is just so wrong.

And yes, WhiteNoise, I can generalize every American too, since you think you can.

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Neckbear3792d ago

Heh, you act like there wasn't any sex scenes nor anything of the likes in Western games, too.

It's just that Japanese ones are actually visually appealing.

klado3792d ago

There is nothing wrong, it is their culture, just like american with weapon etc, no that i support this shit though.

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Ame_No_Shiryuu3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Japanese people are hard workers, but unfortunately sick when it comes to treating their own womens.., I blame their wide open pornography, unlike china.., all country should follow china about how they protect their young generation.

@distorted_reality : pornography bring a lot more damage to children than people had imagined, seriously, i wouldn't mind if they kill porn businessman, because they deserved it. Porn business = EVIL

distorted_reality3792d ago

By killing them? Sounds like good policy.....

distorted_reality3792d ago

So you're saying that porn is worse than killing children because they're the wrong sex? Or that the parents have had more children than the government wants them to have?

You sir need your head examined. You're condemning an act that creates life, and glossing over government commissioned murder as if sex and pornography is somehow more damaging to children than being killed?

Fuck a head examination. A life stay at a psych ward is order.

Redempteur3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"all country should follow china about how they protect their young generation. "

are you SURE you know about china .??

i mean ..they are 'protected' and keep out of the loop from the rest of the world and unable to complain about the state of things in their own country ...

Incredible .. unable to speak freely , unable to amek a decision for themselves , brainwashed by patriotic acts and news since birth .. oh how i wish everyone was "protected" like that ...

ShiftyLookingCow3792d ago

Wide Open Pornography..WOP?????? I need some of that shit man.

Porn=EVIL? If you are a dude, you are totally in denial.

TacoTaru3792d ago

"for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." (Hamlet, Act II Scene II).
You have been trained to believe certain things are good and other things are bad.

@Ame_no_Shiryuu - I would consider the thought censorship that China imposes to be sicker and more evil than most anything else.

Ame_No_Shiryuu3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

"for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." (Hamlet, Act II Scene II).

aah.., come on man.., you can't be serious, there are definitely good and bad, fundamentally..!, period.

murdering the innocent or stealing will never be good even though the entire world think it is good..

TacoTaru3792d ago

The ancient Greeks and Romans left unhealthy newborn children to die of exposure - it was not bad in their world simply because it was generally accepted. You need to read beyond the obvious. Man imposes morality on himself.

Okay - maybe one thing - China is evil. That is truth and no matter how you think of it - China is evil.

The Japanese, on the other hand, have a remarkable culture.

And by the way, my Grandmother was married at the age of 13. It is only fairly recently - because rich men want to keep their daughters from running off with someone - that 18 became the age of "not a child" in matters of marriage.

Spinal3792d ago

LOL the japs and their perverted ways.

Can't we just keep games and porn seperate?? :S

Redempteur3792d ago

All of this ... Just to annonce a bug in dream club ???

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