Dead Space: The Reason You Should Care About iPhone Gaming

Podgamer: Who needs a wimpy little iPhone when NGP and 3DS are on the way, right? Well, we spent $6.99 on Dead Space for iPhone, and now we're strongly considering not paying a cent of the NGP's inevitable multi-million dollar asking price.

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ChrisGTR13793d ago

iphone games that use more than one finger just suck. why would i want to play a 3rd person shooter or FPS on a touchscreen when i could just play a 20x better version on my console. iphone is best at quick 5 minute games

Istanbull3793d ago

Hahaha playing Dead Space 2 on my PS3, or on iphone? Lmao.

iPhone gaming suck, it isn't even competing with the DS and PSP.

Just like facebook games, they suck.

ChrisGTR13793d ago

yea , and i have an iphone. i just have this feeling of meh everytime i play a game thats more of a console type game on my iphone. bad company 2 for example ,dead space or gangstar 2. these games are just so horrible and i ask myself why am i playing this?? lol

games like physics puzzels and one touch games are defenetly the best for iphone.

zireno3793d ago

have you guys actually played the game on the iphone/ipod touch/ ipad?

it's clearly a very VERY well made game and the controls are the best I have seen on the iphone, it's obvious that console games will always be better but to say it sucks it's wrong. You should try it, it's one of the best games on ios

ChrisGTR13793d ago

i have deadspace on my iphone 3gs. but what im saying is , why in the world would i play dead space on iphone when i can play dead space on my 360 which is 20x better. im not exactly saying dead space on iphone is a bad game but at the end of the day your going to spend an hour or more gaming why spend it on the mediocre version.

zireno3793d ago

well for once it's not the same game, it's a different story, and it's not mediocre, it's adapted to the best capabilities of the device and if you really have dead space on you iphone, then I don't get your point "why in the world would i play dead space on iphone when i can play dead space on my 360 which is 20x better", well you already played it (supposedly) so why did you do it if you can play it on your 360 which is 20x better?

I can play dead space on my ps3 too but I can't take my ps3 and my tv with me when I have to go out, so that's the reason I play it on my iphone

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sinncross3793d ago

They should make this a launch title for the NGP.

Boatbird3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I think its for when your on the go and not in an area where a console is accessible. I don't think anybody has a portable ps3, pc or 360. I beat it and its pretty solid, other then having to use your thumbs it feels like dead space(kinda weak missions but I like how the story ties into the DS2). sometimes i like the easy use of the touch but i dont prefer it. things that i didnt like is that i played it on my 3g so it was slow at times and not smooth like a 4. also when you register the game it says you get something special in DS2 but after a week now i havent seen shit. -___-

mixelon3793d ago

Disagree strongly... You'd want to play it because "your console" isn't a handheld and as such has completely different usage scenarios.

There isn't a 20x better version of DS iPhone, it’s a separate game in its own right, like extraction. It's a nice complement to the DS franchise.

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citan3793d ago

"sticks and buttons like barbaric console owners"

Don't click guys.

Millah3793d ago

Oh hai Citan

Why the hell can't the media instead say, "iPhones got some cool games, and so does NGP with its amazing graphics, and so does 3DS with the classic Nintendo franchises all in glasses-free 3D. Its going to be great for gamers having all these choices, and I'd strongly recommend picking up as many of these consoles as you can afford in order to enjoy as many awesome games as possible."

Not sure why we don't see more articles like that, instead of the endless sensationalizing.

ZombieAssassin3793d ago

Because people don't click on links with that type of headline.

ZombieAssassin3793d ago

I'd rather play something like AngryBirds or Final Fantasy 1 on an Ipod/phone, any type of shooter or more of an action game always sucks and it's not because of the game it's because of the damn touch screen controls.

mixelon3793d ago

Haters gonna hate.. DS on iPhone is pretty damn great.

I like touch controls and stick controls and mouse+kb controls.. As long as they're well executed.

Pedobear Rocks3793d ago

The NGP has capacitive multi'll give you $5 touch games AND still be able to give you kick ass console like games.

Why wouldn't you want choice (oh yeah...iOS fans like not having choice)