50° Radio Ep. 70 - I See Your 3DS and I Raise You a PSP2

The new handheld war has begun, and you know what that means? Portable porn. Will people prefer it in 3D or with two analog ‘sticks?’ Neither rain, sleet, nor snow (or all three) will stop the GameCrashers from arguing about the 3DS vs the PSP2 (it’s big enough to bludgeon a midget).

The Rundown:
Game of the Week: Dead Space, Infinity Blade, Red Dead Redemption, Greed Corp
Stupid News:
- Gamestop lists PSP2 for $999
- Geohotz (PS3 hacker) ordered to turn over computers, flash cards, hard drives, and PS3s
- Video Game Health Labeling Act: Round 2
Best Community “EVAR”: Our forum responses
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clrlite3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

What war?

Wow, they made that dude turn over his PS3s, dats so sad. The news can be quite depressing....

Theodore873794d ago

Are you still waiting in line to jailbreak your PS3?

clrlite3794d ago

No way, I love my PS3 way too much to tamper with it at the moment. I like to buy my games anyway, it enhances the experience when you actually earn it.