New NGP trailer shows off first footage of Killzone, LBP, more

VG247: The console maker’s released a nice, long reel of some of the NGP’s biggest games into the wild. All the big ones are present and accounted for, but some promising newcomers like Gravity Daze nearly steal the show.

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Abash3796d ago

Gravity Daze
Little Deviants

Those are the games I'll be checking out when I buy an NGP

klado3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

OMG....what is that game with the girl jumping here and there? between killzone to the golf stuff?

O.O, that game is simply hyping me to heaven.

I think I will be shelling more money into this device's softwares in the long run, damn it, although I know they announced the NGP to kill some hype, I's starting to feel it will be forever before i have that game in my hands...DMN IT.

Edit...Can't stop watching that cell shaded game now, it is gravity daze or something?

klado3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Details are Top notch, I can see games looking as good if not better than most first gen multiplatform out there. From sony first parties, I can even see a fully remaked Final fantasy vii or kingdom heart 3 landing in this console, really.

Check the details in this.

Gotta ditch the Iphone/android jumping into the videogame bandwagon against NGP with those graphics and controls anytime soon, and yes NGP/3DS >>>>x1kk Iphone/android.(Hyped much)

Lirky3796d ago

I was just creating this article lol thanks for being more speedier than me.

Little deviants looks nice.

ShinFuYux3796d ago

Killzone, Resistance and Uncharted look like new titles. The games look so bare, they're like screaming out "I'm still under production, don't ask me why sony wanted me to show you my nude pictures!"

It's so naughty, so dirty, yet, it's such a tease.

ooooooooh, gives me the chill thinking how the finish products would look like.

MrBubble3796d ago

Man I can't wait to get one of these

assassin2k3796d ago

Well, I'm sold. Provided I don't have to sell my kidney, liver and right arm to afford one that is. Looks like the power claims are true, looks amazing!