GT Academy USA Round 2 Marred by Corner-Cutting

GTPlanet: Well, that didn’t take long. After the first full day of competition, GT Academy USA’s second round has been thrown into dispute by “corner cutting” at the Indianapolis Road Course.

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distorted_reality2818d ago

Wow that is pretty ridiculous - they obviously have to disqualify those laps.

hay2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

While I was watching the replay I was like:
"That's some nice, clean lap, what's the problem?"
And @1:35 suddenly:
"Damn, what the f*ck?!"

This is serious offense. They should be disqualified.

distorted_reality2817d ago

That's exactly what I was like lol.

When the dude cut the first corner and ran off track, I was like "well that's pretty pointless, there's no way he can hold that on track".

Oner2817d ago

It's just plain old immature & stupid for these people to do this as now when Sony/PD verify who is doing it they will be disqualified and rightfully so. What is the point of risking a chance of a lifetime to race for Sony/PD on a real life team and they did this all for not. Because the event has now changed and they get nothing anyway except their names put on a list somewhere so that even if they do get a good time on the new event they will be branded/known as a cheater and again won't get $#@!

TBM2817d ago

i find it absolutely amazing what some people would/will do just to win a competition. this particular person is sad.

teething2817d ago

that is the problem with cheaters and competition... people always find a way to cheat.

nix2817d ago

i wonder how much of corner cutting they can do because the game is pretty strict. but i'm guessing PD can check the replay of the let's say Top 25 and decide to disqualify etc.

Marked2817d ago

I believe the game can detect how many tires leave the corse. In most cases, if you have two tires on the corse there's no penalty.

As for as replay goes.... they most likely have times they can judge off of. Developer records and such can go along way, like the times for gold in licensing tests.

nix2817d ago

i've realised that if you don't press the acceleration pedal and still cut the corner (not in a wide way), you don't get caught.

Jls12817d ago

lol always be cheaters

TardcoreGamer2817d ago

Sony needs to protect the integrity of the tournament and GT5 and either kick the cutters or put up cones that add seconds to the clock when knocked over.
This is an outrage for fans of the series who play it the right way.

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