Big Saints Row 3 Announcement Coming Soon has stumbled upon a tweet from THQ's Danny Bilson who, in a reply to a Saints Row fan, assured a big Saints Row 3 announcement is coming soon. The wait will soon be over, Saints Row fans!

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eggbert3283d ago

I thought it was Saints Row 3DS..?

TheLastGuardian3283d ago

Way to spoil your own surprise THQ.

EYEamNUMBER13283d ago

no saints row 3 and saints row 3DS are 2 different games

on a side not god i ALWAYS HATED that picture >__>

iMaim3283d ago

An announcement of an announcement?
Oh dear god ...

Syaz13283d ago

next-gen: anouncement within an anouncement within an anouncement.

Quagmire3283d ago

THQ Announcment: Alright guys, Next week we're gonna announce about a game we will be announcing the following week after.

Wenis3283d ago

LOL! yeah right. I'll believe it when I see it.

"Saints Row 3 getting announced at E3 2010!!!"

"Saints Row 3 getting announced at Spike VGAs!!!"

"Saints Row 3 pulled out at last second from VGAs but we promise info in January!!!"

Vegeta90003283d ago

They're nothing big about the Saints Row games. They suck just like GTA4.

Legion3283d ago

You have one bubble and that is what you choose to write? And who are they? (They're)

I am assuming you have never played either game? Ooopppss... I guess that was a retorical question. You can't answer. :(

LoneWanderer093283d ago

Saint Row 2 was not that good they better do better with this

thebudgetgamer3283d ago

i thought the amount of things too do was a real strong point but i thought the gameplay was lacking something.

pain777pas3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Played it this week. Their are definitely a lot of fine tuning needed in the gameplay for vehicles which render some missions harder than they are supposed to be. Like the helicopter missions. Man o man. Some of the activities can be fun but there is so much of a helter skelter feel. Nothing is tight. However, it has insane customization and charm. They have to work on a lot of things but if there is not a GTA5 announcement this year they will be the only gangster themed game this year if it is released this year. I have a feeling GTA5 will be announced at E3 for 2012 so they better get their act together at THQ.

TenSteps3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

Though on the technical level it was below standard it did have the fun factor and silliness that made it more akin to GTA San Andreas...

Basically they went for all out silly fun and cheesy but awesome story telling over the more realistic more serious approach that GTA4 did.

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The story is too old to be commented.