1001 Games: Heavy Rain and Pressing X to Jason!

I'm going to be honest with everyone, I don't like Heavy Rain. Or rather, I didn't like the idea that was Heavy Rain. I love the concept of having to make choices and watching how it affects the game, but I also like games that allow me to have a certain level of freedom or at least allow me to come up with my own solutions. After playing the demo I realized that Heavy Rain wasn't a game about choices where anyone can die and anything can happen, it's literally a choose your own adventure story where the characters act completely on their own until the page runs out and then it wants you to decide where we go next.

Granted, that is how I felt before playing it. Now that I have, I can sort of see why so many people loved this game

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TheNartist3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Personally I loved heavy rain and when you told me that you were non-plused, I was sad. Though I can honestly say I had more fun drawing the cover art than I did playing the game. though that may mostly be do to the fact that I'm a nerd.

In any case, great article, even if you weren't too thrilled with the game overall.

ActionBastard3793d ago

It's definitely an acquired taste. Beat it twice with the dualshock 3, working on beating it with Move. Great game imo.

Xander-RKoS3793d ago

I can definitely see why people love the game now and I'm glad I finally got around to playing it.

Kran3793d ago

I really enjoyed Heavy Rain. My playthrough had a sad ending ;'( Not an ending I wanted, but its the ending I got ;P

8.5/10 for me for Heavy Rain. The downsides for me were the corny dialogue from Ethan and a couple of other characters.

raze15113793d ago

I was shocked when I get to f**k madison paige... XD and of course I chose to go on with it!!!!!! great game, I mean it REALLY is a great game even if they don't have that scene! One of the games that leaves me wanting more after beating it

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