GoGamingGiant: Twisted Pixel Reveals "The Gunstringer"

Twisted Pixel is a mini-champion of downloadable titles. The Maw? A simple, fun and charming game. 'Splosion Man? Entertaining, challenging and ridiculously fun. Comic Jumper? Funny, original and a little too ambitous. Did you see a trend among those titles? This studio brings a unique sense of humor that has been missing from gaming since the glory days of adventures games by Tim Schafer. Fortunately next year we will be able to see two titles from the studio. They had already announced Ms. Splosion Man, but today the small team revealed they have a Kinect shooter in the works named The Gunstringer.

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ItsEvan2820d ago

A platforming on rails shooter?
That's an oxymoron, I believe.

Rah5er02820d ago

Twisted pixel has a costume-contest for best TP character at E3 this year

Rah5er02819d ago

Duh..I mean PAX East not E3..

teh2820d ago

kinect shooter, hmmmm, so do i point at the screen and fire the gun with my thumb? lol

Murgatroyd72819d ago

After playing Comic Jumper, I can't say I'm terribly excited about this announcement, but hopefully it'll be decent.

RaymondM2818d ago

hmmm doesn't seem to great to me. I haven't gotten pulled into the kinect craze yet either...not until Star Wars that is.