Fight Night Champion Demo Play With Commentary

Fight Night Champion Demo Play With Commentary

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shikamaroooo3794d ago

Animations Look more Fluid And SICK

eggbert3794d ago

I downloaded the demo off PSN earlier today, and I'm actually kind of on the fence about it. The animations/graphics are improved, but the punching feels way to fluid, if that's even possible. It seems combo's don't end when you want to, so it often leads to one (or both) characters still punching as they try to move back.

The punches still don't even seem to hurt at all either. When you play online, you and your opponent can literally hit each other 10-20 times in a combo and your fighter will only be halfway to going down. Not too mention the stamina is still very high (you can throw over a hundred haymakers a round, and have almost full stamina the next round).

Also the online servers still have latency issues. probably only 1/2 of my online matches actually had a good latency to it, the other's ranging from slight lag to very noticeable lag.

BrokenGamez3793d ago

yea i know what you mean by bein to fluid. it almost seemed as if the fighters were "weightless" in a way and was hard to tell when im actually doing so good damage cuz wasnt much flinching like there was in FN4

eggbert3793d ago

Yea it irked me that I could hit an opponent with a counter uppercut and then 2 hooks and a straight and they don't even take a step backwards.

GiggMan3793d ago

The combos can get away from you at times. Ali was fast but not that fast. It looked like I was throwing Dragon Ball Z punches...

Tinasumsum3793d ago

Never had any of those issues with the 360 version ;)

eggbert3793d ago

Well seeing as people are complaining about the controls of BOTH systems on youtube and forums and such, I'm assuming your just trying to troll.

In all seriousness, the controller lag isn't terrible or anything, but it's just weird that I can move my analog sticks faster than the punches come out.

nevin13793d ago

Im not liking these one punch kos. Fight Night Champion = price drop buy again.

EA needs to revitalise the Knockout King series.