New Armored Core 5 details, did someone say ChromeHounds 2?

New details on Chrome....I mean Armored Core 5 have surfaced. Hit the link for more info!

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Godmars2903795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

So the Xbox crowd get Demon's Souls, while PS3 people get Chrome Hounds. With both the newer version improvements over the old.

Pity we can't get more win-wins like this...

The one thing I can't help but notice however, and its really a small thing, is that this is nothing like the trailer they first showed.

wwm0nkey3795d ago

I think PS3 fans will enjoy the ever loving hell out of a ChromeHounds like game, its probably the most tactical game released on consoles this gen. 360 gamer will also obviously enjoy the shit out of the new Demons Soul.

Anarki3794d ago

Chromehounds was one of the only games I played the hell out of on xboxlive... it was amazing.

Legion3794d ago

I really hated ChromeHounds. And I was soooo looking forward to it. Vast slow lumbering walk from battle to battle. Really didn't get into it. Maybe I was wishing for an updated Mech Warrior? But, it's still sitting on my shelf staring at me though. Demon Souls not my cup of tea either. (prefer Coffee)

Just an opinion fanboys... don't go have a hissy fit. If you liked either game then good for you.

MechaGear3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

The original trailer and screens were probably from the solo campaign (original 2010 planned release?). They are still on the AC5 official website which hasn't changed design so far. It kind of looks like two different games though.

Der_Kommandant3794d ago

Chromorehouns is the most underrated game in the history of Console Gaming

Kyosuke_Sanada3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I'm really ecstatic to see the new direction that AC5 even though the speedy combat from the earlier installments will be truly missed. The mechanical designs reminds me a lot of Front Mission 3 and Mechwarrior which I do adore plus Ive read Cores will have a new weapon in their plethora called "Over-Weapons" which when used correctly can turn the tide in a firefight. In 4 Answer they tried that with the Assault Armor but it didn't come out effective as I thought (or maybe I wasn't using it efficiently XD)so I hope they learned from the mistakes of it. Ive been an avid AC fan from the first Playstation. From Software please keep the Armored Core train a-rolling :D!

Ludakriss3794d ago

I'm seriously excited 'bout this. Yo, good people, at the time it releases and if you're on PS3 hit me up for a possible team-mate. My game name. Same as in here: Ludakriss. Peace and good gaming!

GooZe3794d ago

yea chromehounds was the sleeper hit of sleeper hits. but is this made by the same people?