Scans officially confirm Prishe for Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy

Scans of Japanese magazine Jump have surfaced, showing off a new spread which reveals Final Fantasy XI heroine Prishe officially as a playable character in Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy.

Prishe was previously featured very briefly in the last Dissidia Duodecim trailer, but this magazine scan serves as official confirmation that the Final Fantasy XI character is set to become playable. She'll be opposite Shantotto, and the pair mark two of the most-loved non-playable story-focused characters from the MMO title.

Prishe is a monk-style character in the same vein as others in the series like Final Fantasy VII's Tifa and Final Fantasy IV's Yang, though she also has some powerful white magic abilities in Final Fantasy XI.

As well as revealing Prishe, the scan also reveals that April's issue of V-Jump will carry a download code that'll unlock a new, exclusive costume for Squall in the game. Meanwhile, Vaan's third costume is revealed to be his attire from Final Fantasy Tac...

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Omegabalmung2816d ago

Saw her in the trailer and was pretty excited but I wished they would of but Tenzen instead :(

Reibooi2815d ago

I liked Tenzen alot but he is so stale as a character. Basically just the typical Samurai who wants to protect his country and what not.

Prishe is such a awesome character. I mean the first time you see her in the game you think oh look it's a little elvan girl and then she starts swearing and bossing people around and as you learn more she is just a very interesting character.

I know alot of people were annoyed that she wasn't in the first game cause she is a much better fit for a fighting game then Shantotto ever was.

Arnagrim2815d ago

I'm iffy about this game.
I loved the original because each fighter felt unique without going into Street Fighter/MK same-but-slightly-changed movesets to boost roster count.
I'm hoping new characters all have unique play styles as well and they don't change the core game too much.
Despite what everyone says the game isn't just fan service and the game becomes very enjoyable in the later stages of the game (i.e. Blackjack Duel Colosseum) as well as the battle system having a bit of depth to it later on.
After 400 hours in the original though and an option to import data, there's little reason for me not to pick it up though. I just hope the core game remains intact.

Arnagrim2815d ago

On a side note the only character I would really want to be added to this game is Ramza from Tactics.

Redempteur2815d ago

they added : summonners , monks , guns and lancers ... i'm pretty sure we'll get different play styles ..

i played lighting in prologue and she was different enough from the rest of characters i played in the first dissidia

Arnagrim2815d ago

Cool, glad this game is going to be a serious sequel and not just a cash in.
I also want to know if they're going to re-balance some moves or if certain characters are going to be modified.

Redempteur2815d ago

with Tifa and her ..the monk are coming in dissidia with the force needed to shake things up !!
i Guess everyone should be ready to be drop kicked ..