Amazon Matches Xbox 360, PS3, Wii Console and DS, PSP Handheld Deals

"Not a bad week to pick up a console or handheld this week, as Amazon has price matched most of the discounting from many retailers..."

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ME19893795d ago

Damn....was waiting to get a PSP for cheap. $130 for a brand new one...tempted.....

But then I can probably get one for like new condition for like $90 on Craigslist no?

Blaine3795d ago

Why no deals on PSP Go? :(

Lf_sIcKmAn3795d ago

Do you seriously have to ask?

ME19893795d ago

Because no one wants one.

Shang-Long3795d ago

wouldn't that be a reason to have a deal?

to create any kind of demand?

Blaine3794d ago


Gtfo troll.

1. The reason I asked why is clearly because I WANT one.

2. Deals are meant to increase demand. Usually, when there's no deal, it's a sign that the thing is selling well.

ME19893794d ago

lmao, yea I'm a troll. The PSP Go has sold miserably so far, everybody can attest to that. That's why Sony doesn't really even market it that much anymore.

hellzsupernova3795d ago

Are psp region free? bubbles for whoever answers.

Blaine3794d ago

I'm 98% sure they are.

Actually, I'm more sure that the PSP is region free than I am of how the stupid bubbles work on this site. I know I get bub'd often, yet I'm stuck at 5. Usually I don't care, but sometimes I could really use more on some articles.

hellzsupernova3794d ago

bubbled :D i also used the power of the internets and found out the games are region free but the movies are not

Blaine3794d ago

But who buys UMD movies anyway?! That's what Memory Sticks are for.

SpLinT3795d ago

i ordered a ps3 yesterday, got it today . Used the 50 on a headset