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GameDynamo - "Like many of you, I too was a big skeptic when it came to People Can Fly and Epic's upcoming over-the-top first-person shooter Bulletstorm. Initially, I saw a bunch of gimmicky game mechanics, absurdly complex weapons, cheesily interactive surroundings, and foul-mouthed meat heads dropping fratty one-liners. And, yes, it is, indeed, all these things."

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8BitSoul2816d ago

Played the demo for both 360 and PS3, and I have to say they look pretty much identical (which ought to be the case with all multi platform games these days!). As for the game itself, it's an OK run 'n' gun shooter. The whole skill system is interesting, and makes the player focus on racking up points and making cool killshots and finishing moves. Variety however, is where I think the games weak link might be located. It's fun for 5-10, maybe 15 minutes at a time, but I'm not sure how the whole experience is gonna turn out. I had fun playing the demo a couple of times, but when I went in for a third playthrough, it started to look kind of pale... Will probably get it when the price drops, or if I REALLY feel the crave to join the GoW3 beta:)

BattleAxe2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Looks like you had a bit more patience with the demo than I did. I thought it sucked, and it sucked bad. It took me 3 or 4 minutes to figure that out.

Too_many_games2816d ago

would rather press the Left stick IN to run rather then the X button

tmoss7262816d ago

It's not too hard to switch. Just like changing when playing Halo Reach to CoD. Not all controls are equal.

femshep2816d ago

it was exactly what i thought it was gonna be.....the first person gears of war ad......maybe when it drops to 10 bucks in a couple months i might rent it

ironcreed2816d ago

I thought it sucked pretty hard. Lame looking characters and cheesy as hell dialogue. Don't get me wrong, I love cheese when it is done right. However, this game just pours it on to the level of being cringe worthy and outright annoying.

The gameplay was OK for the most part, but kind of gimmicky. Not being able to jump in a FPS like this seemed a bit awkward for me as well. All in all, I'll be giving this one a big pass.

ThanatosDMC2816d ago

Same here. Though i kinda wish Borderlands should have had these guns to have made it more interesting.

kornbeaner2816d ago

I actually enjoyed my time with the demo. Putting a guy in slo-mo then tagging his ass with a bomb, followed by kicking him into a group of his homies to blow them all up was pretty enjoyable. This game might warrant a buy from me based on fun factor alone.

Active Reload2816d ago

Out of all the comments I've read so far, you're the only person that understands what this game is about, lol.

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