Response To MSNBC's Article: "Gaming With Your Daughter Is Good For Her"

Gamertag Radio writes: "To give the short and sweet, it supports that gaming with your daughter (especially for the dads) is good for her.

I completely agree with this! It's important to note that no, I am not disagreeing with that statement. It is some of the later statements that I’m a bit questionable on."

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Warprincess1163283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

I agree. I played games with my dad when i was younger and i still do now. I think it a great bonding experience and if i never played games with my dad. I don't think i would be playing games now.

Highatus3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

It is pretty great. I'm not a girl, however some of my fondest memories are playing Super Mario Bros 1&2, castlevania simons quest with my dad, also later with Secret of Mana with my dad and brother.

Now older, my 4 year old daughter likes to play Kinectimals, Eye Pet, and now asks to play Gran Turismo with me cause she thinks the cars are cool. Hopefully she will look back fondly on it a she gets older as well.